Speculation on Recent Reports of Triglavian Activity

Greetings all. I’d like to open speculative dialogue on the most recently reported Triglavian happenings. I’ve been watching to see what exactly the Collective would ultimately do with the resources given, and it seems their operations are finally ramping up. Thus, before their machinations are fully revealed, I’d like to hear the speculation of all those who care to speculate. Please remain civil.

This is very interesting to me. We know that the Triglavian Collective has deployed their bioadaptive technology planetside across their conquered systems, but never heard of the form this takes. This alleged nanotech could be it; or it could be something similar to the nanite clouds we use in space to provide bonuses to our allies, only with a decidedly offensive twist.

This reads like they’re investigating stations and potentially citadels for real now. Could see a hostile takeover of the current orbital infrastructure.

I do not need EDENCOM to confirm these reports to know that they are true. Within our limited knowledge of the Collective, it is documented that the Clades can take radically different positions on various topics and that disagreements within the Collective can and do become violent. Possible that the Triglavians are getting back up to their usual shenanigans as they solidify their holdings.

Beyond all of this though, what comes next? All are welcome to predict, your guess is as good as mine.


The path of use of mutaplasmids is still a viable option for the collective.
With little adaptation, an bio-technology interface can be used to propagate rapidly and efficiently mutagens.

This seems quite interesting. Care to elaborate?

The bioadaptation route

in this case, I’ll take the "“nanotech clouds” as a tool for bioadaptation, the “conflict” being the local population fighting off those “clouds”.
For the science part:
Using CRISPR gene editing, we can alter DNA in small ways, usually to improve genes of livestock, plants, etc.

but it can alse be used to correct minor errors before they become too dangerous, it’s used to cure/limit cancer growth when detected early enough.

Of course the procedure is extremely costly and the least amount of errors can result in a final metastasis stage cancer in a matter of hours.
You understand why this technique isn’t widely used.

On a personal note here, It’s my belief that the SOE are using this kind of technology, or at least tried…

But the use of mutaplasmids by the triglavian, and more specifically the fact they finely tune mutaplasmids is the proof of their mastery on this subject too.

By using clouds of nanobots roaming the land, It’s very plausible that these clouds can scan, analyse and manufacture on the fly specifically targeted mutaplasmids altering the DNA of living things crossed by the cloud, “infect” water storage and would be pretty much impossible to stop.

But without more informations it also could simply be scouts, ressources harvesters or whatever.

And given how the sentence is formed, we don’t even know if the 3 party mentioned are fighting each others, along each others, 2 of them against one other, or even against an unmentioned opponent, etc.

Thank you for sharing. It certainly would be extremely efficient if the cloud is a method of deploying mutaplasmids for bioadaptive purposes.

Hearing the sentence spoken would provide much needed clarity.

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