[ARC] Investigation of Hidden Laboratory Complex Underway


Following rumors of a hidden laboratory complex in State territory, the Arataka Research Consortium has dispatched an investigative team to locate the complex, identify its operators, and determine the nature of their research.

At this early stage, we are at liberty to state that we have recovered navigational data indicating movement to or from the laboratory site, employment of mutagenic materials incorporated into a novel cybernetic technology base, and research that appears dependent on Sisters of EVE proprietary information. The research also appears to incorporate Sleeper or Drifter implant methodologies.

The site appears to be abandoned, however, and there are no indications of the identity of the site operator.

Our work is on-going, and additional information will be made public upon advancement of our investigation.

In service,
Makoto Priano
Arataka Research Consortium, Coordination Group


Creepy unknown abandoned laboratories with evidence of experiments involving strange cybernetics of unknown purpose ?


Don’t stick anything into any brains that aren’t expendable.

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The testing regime will begin with medical testing clones, so the only risk is to biomass.


These should prove to be interesting developments; I’m excited to see where looking into this might lead us :slight_smile:

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Have you ever considered the use of a Takmahl mass cloning device to rapidly produce test subjects for this kind of experimentation ?

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ARC’s experimental needs are usually met through contracts with either Zainou or Genolution, depending on local availability. While I’m aware of the device, I’m still not sure of the reliability or utility of the clones it produces, or whether those are adequate for medical testing, for which there are specific needs.


The Discourse has some minor updates, though research and investigation remain underway.

At this present time, it may very well be that the concealed laboratory was operated with Sisters assistance.



CONCORD aren’t suggesting disposing of them with antimatter imploders this time. Just a “strong recommendation” against their use.


Ms. Varren; indeed. A small improvement, I suppose. You’d think they’d learn to trust us by now.

Pilots; a brief update. At present, it is our belief that a faction within the Sisters of EVE may have been collaborating with an unknown third party responsible for the concealed laboratory. Unfortunately, given that the laboratory appears to have been abandoned, we are unable to determine the party in question. This matches a pattern of questionable research alliances that we’ve suspected in the past, most clearly demonstrated by the rapid advancement of warp technologies by non-signatory powers using Sisters of EVE-developed implant technology.

Whatever the case, we’ll continue the search.



We already know that at least some of them work with the rogue drones. Speak about shady contacts ^^

I’m definitely going to go check, If I can lend a hand, I’ll do.

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Orvolle this is not a Caldari space :facepalm:

Placid Region:

In reality, Placid is anything but. The southern reaches of the region are home to the notorious Intaki, whose huge emphasis on personal freedom goes some way towards explaining its general lawlessness. The situation is not helped by the Federation’s seeming reluctance to invest heavily in the region - a source of some resentment among the Intaki who haven’t already fled to Syndicate.

To make matters worse, much of what does get earmarked for the region ends up being used to bolster the Federation’s increasingly important military presence in Placid’s turbulent and far-flung northern extremities, which are constantly under threat.

This region never belonged to the Caldari !
This is not the first time you have such mistakes.

…who mentioned Orvolle? :thinking:

(Edit: oh, I see. Orvolle holds the headquarters of the Scope organization, pilot, and it’s used as the location ticker for when there isn’t a more applicable one, such as when a reporter is pointedly not present at a still-secret location.)


Orvolle – Capsuleers of the Arataka Research Consortium [ARC] have claimed the discovery of a new form of neural implant technology in “a hidden laboratory complex in [Caldari] State territory”, according to a recent posting on the Capsuleer GalNet channel “Intergalactic Summit”.


So, what we have is a Scope studio report-- with the studio in Orvolle --about ARC reports. Notably, the Scope is not claiming Orvolle is State territory. Notably, ARC is not claiming Orvolle is State territory. Notably, Orvolle is only related in that it’s where the Scope reporters were reporting from.

The location of the laboratory has not been officially disclosed.


For emphasis.

News Organizations in real life will often report the location they are reporting from, not necessarily where they are reporting on, in the header.


I wrote about the fact that the news is written strangely and with errors. So to say the beginning of the news is very strange.

And where did the rumors go from ?

Following rumors of a hidden laboratory complex in State territory, the Arataka Research Consortium has dispatched an investigative team to locate the complex, identify its operators, and determine the nature of their research.

Scope always writes like this. Literally every article.

That said, looking at the reports, someone obviously likes to be romantic about their location choices. The only question is who.


No matter who, and not interested in it.
And that’s how ARС learned about it. This is interesting.

Having friends and being actually pleasant and outgoing people will help you with that.


We spend a great deal of effort expanding our network, insofar as intelligence is concerned. To keep apace with technological developments in New Eden requires this.

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