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Earlier today a news came out published in the Scope, but at the initiative of the Sisters of Eve.

This news seem odd to me. I may be biased, but this time it feel more agressive. Lashing at CONCORD, the inner circle, the capsuleers, SARO, etc.

An other thing unusual is that ordinary, the SOE give proof of what they claim, they do not “will publish a repport”.

More importantly they talk about two things: the Yulai tests and the lifting of suspect tag for deep Abyssal Deadspace Exploration.

On my opinion that reveal two informations:

  • First: they do not want us to go in Abyssal deadspace which is strange given the fact that they are kinda known for their exploration prowess. Usually, when we discover new space, we also discover that the SOE are already there (cf wormholes, shattered wormholes, drifter wormholes). But this time either they are really discreet, or they are not interested in AD, which would seem strange to me.

  • Second: the most obvious would be their fear of a technology capable of transporting any ship from anywhere TO anywhere. It is understandable and would be enough to condemn CONCORD of shady things (oh the irony) , but when you read the article carefully, you notice that they also mention the detection of illegal rogue drone technology. But why? It is a pretty sane things to be able to do and it is not very condemnable. Especially given the fact that the other part of the experiment was much more condemnable.
    Then why talk about this? I think it is because they are afraid that many of their stations, ships and laboratories will be detected.
    For years we know that the SOE works with rogue drones and sleepers, for all we know they could also work with drifters.
    I think they are afraid that a CONCORD investigation using this technology would expose them.


They are right to be afraid (or rather sceptic) of the creeping facism that is CONCORD.


I would be more concerned with the increasingly fascist and dictatorial tendencies and massive power creep among capsuleers than with CONCORD. The capsuleers’ recent political moves, motivations and developments are nothing but a clear sign for a rapidly deteriorating future for the cluster. Thousand of capsuleers flock to very few groups, which evokes similarities to the coming-to-power of the Sansha Nation so many years back, and everyone knows what they did and how they dramatically impacted and keep impacting the cluster.

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And CONCORD let them do that as long as they pay.

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Are you honestly implying that the capsuleer blocs which populate nullsec have plans in motion to conquer Empire space? Many of them left for nullsec specifically because the Empire territories have already been picked clean of their stores of rare material goods, or because they wanted to hunt pirates for profit.

What would they gain from trying to conquer space they already see as picked clean?

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Considering that a large portion of them is active in empire space and, according to recent statistics, a lot of the destruction caused by capsuleers happens in empire space, their motives should be examined with prejudice and not ignored just because some left for other areas of space. Generally, lots of capsuleers come back to empire space from their null sec “homes” for fun and to raid plentiful hunting grounds.

Sansha Nation also attracted lots of people to their homelands with promises of vast wealth and freedom, yet they keep raiding and impacting empire space in particular for years now. The similarities are striking and undeniable.

All of that destruction by capsuleers is to other capsuleers and their assets. The empires hard assets outside those CONCORD allow us to engage in contract work are entirely safe from capsuleer assault, so can we kill this ludicrous conspiracy theory?


And other capsuleers in the service of empire corporations, among other things. There’s nothing more conspiratorial to it than the claim, SOE were afraid or seek a greater plan.

Not to mention that nothing good has come forth from any of the recent new space discoveries when something from there was used by capsuleers. Drifter slaughters cost countless of lifes and still get agitated by capsuleers so that they can farm drifter resources, just as one example.

Other Capsuleers who while retaining loyalty to their birthplace, are still classed as free lancers by DED. How many independantly licenced capsuleers do I need to blow up in Niarja in order to destroy the Federation Senate? The answer is none.

Alternatively, why don’t you undock and open fire at a station in high security space. Tell me how much damage you manage to cause to it and calculate how many ships are required from that to destroy it before any response can destroy the fleet.

We’re shooting subcontractors, who happen to be in the same status as the rest of us, not the actual hard military and civil infrastructure of the Empires themselves.

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Considering that capsuleers have been amassing incredibly amounts of power in the last couple of years, it is exceedingly naive to assume these things will remain as they are. Not to mention that empires have extended their hands to capsuleers and offered them the special shield technology that guards empire stations.

The personnel of Police Invasion stations and DED Gate Blockades, or the countless of empire military personnel in the contested warzones between the empires may want to have a word with you. These “independent contractors”, as you call them, already have a big deal of influence on the empires and naive support for them will only increase that power for the worse of the cluster overall. The skepticism of SOE with regards to these developments is more than warranted.

Skirmishes with a handfull of units under contract work, within CONCORD approved parameters, is still not the same.

As for huge influence, show me how I can cash in my influence with Republic Security Services from my time in Korama to get them to do something I want them to do. Go on. Show me.

You bloody well realise that CONCORD can and reguarly does revoke the licences of capsuleers it deems unfit to carry on in space for various offences? Heck, they’re using pilots from the Null blocs that are guilty of using rogue drone technology as test subjects and target practice for new technology.

If we’re the boogyman out to get the other Empires, when am I going to be able to lock up Republic stations in high security space and blow them to Molok’s lair? Tell me.


“That sound you’re hearing,” Omvistus replied, “is your planet’s bombardment siren. You’ve probably never had to pay much attention to it in the past, seeing as your world is safely under the jurisdiction of CONCORD, but that is no longer the case.” As he spoke, the back window of the conference room took on a noticeably red tint, saturating the room in crimson light. “What you’re seeing now is the targeting laser used to aim my battleship’s six 425 millimeter railgun turrets.

Only naive people talk like you, and you are part of the capsuleer group that is in my opinion one of the reasons why SOE are very concerned about the CONCORD actions.

CONCORD makin’ the lives of shitpail capsuleers abusing unsanctioned automation technology, experimenting with control mechanisms against said capsuleers, and tweaking or adjusting access levels to Triglobyte combat capability assessment arenas? Well gosh, of course this is worth being all manner of conspiratorical about.

“Innocents” my entire arse. They signed up for serving on board the vessels of the worst sociopaths in the cluster, outer region fucksticks, and died as a result. I see no innocents involved.

As for the “ohmygosh the capsuleers are dayngeruse” schtick, we’re damn near more heavily leashed than any baseliner in terms of what we can do to the Empires themselves. I would think CONCORD’s demonstration would have disabused you morons of that nonsense by now.



You realise that we freelancers can’t target planets anymore and were only ever able to using DUST Mercenary beacons in designated warzones.

Threatning is one thing. A Capsuleer not in the same scope and licencing as us doing it is also one thing. The rest of us being able to do it is another, otherwise you’d see CODE and Miniluv doing it for laughs on the regular.

SOE are worried about CONCORD for CONCORD’s growing independence and strength, not for ours.

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What you can and cannot do, is irrelevant. That it has been done and that it has cost countless of lifes is relevant. That it has shown what kind of monsters CONCORD is supporting now is relevant. What kind of dumb monsters, even.

CONCORD has been independent from the beginning and SOE is worried about that CONCORD is potentially ignoring or not fully comprehending the threat capsuleers pose for the cluster and that lower-intelligence silver-tongues talk them into something that will inevitably cost everyone dearly in the future.

Countless lives? You realise that little tale you told, no one died. It was a threat, and most certainly an empty one at that, as some Capsuleer went about setting up his Planetary Infastructure buildings as he so pleased. But that threat, along with a simulated image, did the trick! Please show me evidence where a Freelancer Capsuleer has actually actively bombarded a planet outside of designated warzones during the DUST Mercenary deployments.

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Yes, not bombarded, but dying in the mines this capsuleer set up. Good job. And countless lifes die every day in the faction warfare zone.

And countless crew die on ships. And countless workers die in jobs for the various empires in countless places. What is your point? That industrial work is dangerous?

Can my Planetary Infrastructure network kill enough people that I become an existential threat to those empires I am not aminable to?

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My point is that you are just ignoring all sorts of cruelties capsuleers commit every day and that it is those things SOE are concerned about when CONCORD gives capsuleers more autonomy and power, not some “plot” by CONCORD to expose something about SOE that does not exist.

Goalposts. They’ve moved from CONCORD is beefing up because we’re a threat, to CONCORD technology might enable us to have more ways to set up industry or combat situations where more people die.

Please, get a grip of yourself.

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