SoE Arc - bugged or intended?

Noticed some content fallacies while completing said arc lately, both in the last mission. Unfortunately, my OBS failed to capture for no particular reason, so you’d have to trust me without any cladistic proving or just discard the following as it is often done by capsuleers when it comes to lore of our universe.


I’ve noticed two weird things at the mission. The first one was the Hive action. It just popped out from nowhere, then disappeared back to nowhere, despite all the NPCs precautions of “not losing my mind to somewhat I am about to encounter”. Not sure if it’s worth mentioning as I’ve found no evidence of any other Hive actions tjhrough google, so it seems like it’s working as intended, but the intentions of the author of such lack of mindspinning action mentioned by NPCs is purely unclear IMO.

My second concern is about four Empire BSs present within the site. While three of them are Tempest, Dominix and Raven, the fourth one, which is referred to as “Armageddon” at uniwiki and elsewhere I’ve looked in, is definitely not. It looks like a Marshal and is stated something like ‘CONCORD research vessel’ in overview.

AFAIK it’s pointless to ask CCP anything on the forums, yet I’d like to ask GMs if those are the cases I should try to reproduce, gather the evidence and then file support tickets. I’d also like to ask those players who had patience to grind through my Engrish to this point, if it is just me or anyone else had encountered the same strange sightings.

Fly… er… fly as you prefer to o7

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The “Armageddon” has been a Concord ship since forever. CCP just hasn’t bothered to fix it.

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I will start a list of broken things like this one to poke CCP in case I get elected - I better start early.

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