SoE epic arc storyline

I’m not super familiar with EvE lore, but is the SoE epic arc generally consistent with the EvE lore? And does it make sense in general? :stuck_out_tongue: Cause, I gave it a try and tried to follow the story, but some things don’t seem to make sense.

So, can someone tl;dr the storyline and how it fits the rest of the lore?

Bump, just in case someone sees it.

And maybe a more specific question, which might help. What’s supposed to be the relationship between the Empires and the SoCT?

And, was Dagan acting on his own? Or was this a SoCT plan?

I’m about to run it again. I have to be honest I’ve never taken much notice as standings etc were my primary aim. I’ll keep an eye on the story this time.

The Epic Arch is obsolete, like the other Epic Arcs.

All Epic arcs describes the events after the Empyrean Age. In the Amarr Empire, the story is connected with Jamyl Sarum. She’s dead in 2015. In SoCT (in Ammatar), Jove’s weapon is mentioned, which Jamyl Sarum uses on the battleship Abaddon.

Unfortunately, CCP undertook to rewrite Lore in 2015, but approached this very carelessly and there is still a lot of information in the game itself that is outdated.

But for lovers of old Lore (I treat them) this is interesting.


That’s not an epic arch.

This is an epic arch.


Thank you, I corrected.

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