Sisters of Eve: afraid? (restart)

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Earlier today a news came out published in the Scope, but at the initiative of the Sisters of Eve.

This news seem odd to me. I may be biased, but this time it feel more agressive. Lashing at CONCORD, the inner circle, the capsuleers, SARO, etc.

An other thing unusual is that ordinary, the SOE give proof of what they claim, they do not “will publish a repport”.

More importantly they talk about two things: the Yulai tests and the lifting of suspect tag for deep Abyssal Deadspace Exploration.

On my opinion that reveal two informations:

  • First: they do not want us to go in Abyssal deadspace which is strange given the fact that they are kinda known for their exploration prowess. Usually, when we discover new space, we also discover that the SOE are already there (cf wormholes, shattered wormholes, drifter wormholes). But this time either they are really discreet, or they are not interested in AD, which would seem strange to me.

  • Second: the most obvious would be their fear of a technology capable of transporting any ship from anywhere TO anywhere. It is understandable and would be enough to condemn CONCORD of shady things (oh the irony) , but when you read the article carefully, you notice that they also mention the detection of illegal rogue drone technology. But why? It is a pretty sane things to be able to do and it is not very condemnable. Especially given the fact that the other part of the experiment was much more condemnable.
    Then why talk about this? I think it is because they are afraid that many of their stations, ships and laboratories will be detected.
    For years we know that the SOE works with rogue drones and sleepers, for all we know they could also work with drifters.
    I think they are afraid that a CONCORD investigation using this technology would expose them.

(Arrendis) #2

I think they’ve got a problem with CONCORD in general. SoE doesn’t like them, and doesn’t like the SoCT. But the Abyss is primarily accessible through means CONCORD provided. So right away, it’s suspect, and they don’t like it. They also can’t deploy their normal methods of study there. They like to do the ‘observe over long periods’ thing, build a bit of infrastructure from which to mount deeper expeditions, etc.

You know, the normal scientific method for exploring uncharted regions.

So they likely think CONCORD’s being reckless in their methods. They’re not wrong, but if our suspicions about what we’re diving into are correct, then CONCORD doesn’t exactly have the option of proceeding in other ways.

And next… yeah, they don’t like the idea of Cynosural Projectors. I don’t blame 'em. CONCORD’s demonstrated the ability to pluck a ship out of nullsec at will, including titans, and have it killed by a gleeful mob. Anyone who’s not thrilled about CONCORD should probably worry about that tech. Anyone who’s not thrilled with one of the empires should probably worry about that tech, too, because it’s not difficult to imagine any of them looking to get a leg up by stealing the plans. And if you can use that as a means to summon someone to their execution… you can smuggle it in and use it as a means to stage an invasion force, without any cyno beacons or jump activation being tracked.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #3

and I agree with all that in fact.

What I find strange is the mention of rogue drone technology detection. To me it seem they try to make CONCORD throw both project.

(Slayer Liberator) #4

Not much makes me truly concerned, but I am pretty worried about anyone having the ability to pluck a ship out of null-sec.

(Arrendis) #5

And dropped in front of a mob for summary execution, without needing to present any evidence of the crimes for which they’re accused, yeah.

(Slayer Liberator) #6

I thought that you were supposed to have a trial before you’re executed. I mean that’s what I remember from living in High security space.

(Arrendis) #7

Pfft. That only applies to people. CONCORD doesn’t classify us as ‘people’, we’re ‘capsuleers’, and we have only and exactly the rights and protections they extend to us. Nothing more or less.

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to be honest I can’t blame “normals” humans from an objective standpoints the average capsuleer is responsible for hundreds of deaths,if not thousands, we have the power to blow up moons, play with huge amounts of money, etc.

In many ways we ARE not humans anymore.

on the topic of trials, maybe one have been made, is there one person that asked for the trial summary?
and event that, would it be a proof enough in the eye of the capsuleers? Will not there be people to say that it was faked?

(Arrendis) #11

We don’t blow up moons, we just blast chunks off of 'em.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #12

I fear the average citizen won’t see a difference ^^"

(Arrendis) #13

Then the average citizen should speak to all of the mining corporations on all of their planets that blow holes in the planet to carve rocks and fuels out of it.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #14

oh I agree, from space there is no difference, but in media, there is a big one ^^"

The huge laser coming from the sky can be pretty scary

(Arrendis) #15

. . . maybe if they were living on that moon… but since they’re not… why would it be at all scary?

(Umbre Fallenstar) #16

You really think that the public will not have the imagination to see an other use for this kind of laser?

and given the history of how little capsuleers value human life AND manage to use things in ways they should not, I really can see why ppl don’t look up to us…

(Mizhara Del'thul) #17

We’ve been throwing doomsdays and actual planetary bombardment around for some time. This should be far more worrisome than something that requires a twenty-four hour anchoring timer and so far only having a firing solution on moons, and even then only in very specific locations near said moons.

If I was a baseliner, I’d be far more concerned about whether or not any of the planetary bombardment beacons are still around.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #18

thanks for proving my point.

the baseliner have so many reason to fear us.

but anyway, we’re off topic.

the thing is that maybe there was a trial, do someone have bothered asking CONCORD ?

(Arrendis) #19

Plenty of us were in Yulai when all of this went down. If there was a trial, it was in absentia, with no evidence or record of it presented to the capsuleers assembled to carry out the sentence, just like no evidence of the actual crimes was presented. To my knowledge, no rogue drone technology was recovered from any of the wrecks.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #20

because it was not the trial, only the execution and lack of evidence does not mean there is nothing…