What is wrong with CONCORD? - A Manifesto against New Edens beloved police Force

Repost from another thread, due to severity of the matter at hand:

See, i have been playing Eve on and off for a while now, but some things never ever change.
But change can be a good thing. So an unchanging situation is stuck, and doesnt grow, invent or do anything, except exist.

CONCORD is such a thing. It is there to “protect the people from abuse of power from capsuleers”

But does it? how many Indigenous Citizens of New Eden are killed by ruthless Capsuleers? EACH DAY?

I am of course talking about the so called “High-sec mission runners”. Each and everyone of them. They waltz through missions killing left, right, front and center.

Let me describe a little situation: imagine, you are at a little station, a couple guys run, just a place to lay low a little, hidden from the all-encompassing power of the Empires. It has a brothel, Saunas, decent weather control systems, heck it might even have some youple 1000 habitants. And then you see it… the Nightmare. Literally. A Nightmare just popped up out of warp. And only seconds later, the mighty Lasercannons start blasting away at the thin atmosphere holding shields. Emergency Alerts start yelling around you, Alarm launches of emergency defence ships start, but are easily overwhelmed by the Terror in the sky. Secondwave… no effect, third wave… no effect. At some point, the owner of the station itself joins the fight, and dies to the blazing fires. Does the Nightmare turn away though?

No. it continues to hammer Gigajoules of energy into the fragile Shields of the station. There are sure as hell not enough emergency evac-ships. It will all be a blood bath soon.

And what is happening in the mind of the mission runner: “■■■■ maybe next time i get a better mission, not just some slutty “Damsle in Distress”-bull!”

now here is my question: Where is CONCORD? They never show up. Not their job? Well… i disagree. And so should you.

Mission runners in high-Sec systems are responsible for billions of deaths in New Eden. We need to stop this MADNESS!

I hereby call out to all Capsuleers wiht a conscience: Help me stop this Madness!

Donate ISK, Join my corp it doesnt matter. But PLEASE: For the sake of all that is right and good in NEW EDEN: Stop the mission runners! Disband CONCORD! make the empire safe again!

I thank you all for reading this, and i hope we all, joined together by a common enemy, the “High-sec-mission-runner” can end this Reign of Terror.

Soon more info on this Evil organization by the name of CONCORD will be made available to the public.

best regards
Maskimanom, Founder and CEO of Protection of Indigenuous Life in Eden inc.


simply content about ganking miners and missioneers in empire ^^

The fake net of safety offered by concord :], low/null is actually safer when flying pimped out stuff, If only more players realized this then they would leave high. High sec is similar to a cattle slaughter house xD where mass amounts of grinding go on for little to no reward with the chance of being randomly slaughtered by power hungry groups if you manage to get fat ^_^.

basically that is what i try to teach learning-resistant empire players

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