CONCORD and Capsuleers

Lore Question: Why CONCORD just doesn’t kill off the Capsuleers with infamus low security status?

Cuz we don’t pay em enough to get their hands that dirty …


Because you can’t kill people with hidden clone vaults where they just respawn.


Why would they? Killing a non-combatant that is out of a fight (that will just respawn in a new clone anyway) seems both useless and unnecessary.

I think the more relevant question is why they don’t shoot repeat offenders who are still a threat flying around in combat ships. They have a 15 minute memory and after that they decide that criminal is someone else’s problem and ignore them.

It’s obviously just a game mechanic, but it would take a very creative writer to retcon some lore explanation for their erratic behaviour.

That one made me laugh! : D

Chief Wiggum at some point explained to Homer that they are understaffed and therefore can only enforce the latest law. Maybe CONCORD works similar?


It wasn’t a joke actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind that in New Eden everyone is born a professional schizofrenic. We also know that there are only minor distinctions between governance and organised crime, aside of morality, ethics and forms in regards to taxation and monopoly of violence.

In other words, who do you think constitutes the ranks of Concord really.

Asking them to take out the vile and dirty is asking them to kill themselves again and again and again …

No amount of money can cover that kind of thing.



I think the issue is a fundimental misunderstanding of what CONCORD is.

Protection racket.

How to solve virtual reality’s human perception problem.

Because that’s what the faction police do.

still don’t understand why they don’t kick the switch

Cos they don’t like the NULL-SEC, to become a new TRI-CORD faction.

How do you kill an immortal demigod for whom the flesh is merely a temporary vessel?

Interrupt the consciousness transfer. Delete the backups. Put the bodies on the BBQ.

Exactly. Maybe i’m wrong, but can a capsuleer with low security status jump clone into high sec? this shoudn’t be possible in a “lore” view of things, no?

What seems impossible to me from a lore point of view is how fast and infallibly CONCORD reacts to every crime.

But I don’t see why CONCORD should be able to interfere with clone transfers nor who takes a gate given they are run by the empires. They seem to use advanced magic technology to detect and respond to crimes by capsuleers but I don’t see how they would otherwise pick out normal behaviour against a background of normal traffic.

I guess you could invoke more magic technology if you wanted them to be able to. You could also just have them magically lock out all offensive weapons if you want to, although I am not sure any of these additions to the CONCORD lore would make for a very interesting game.

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Concord attacks who has red security status, we can say that they know about them via scanners and actually after some seconds (even to a minute) they jump in.

No, they attack people who commit a criminal act regardless of their security status. They don’t actually care about the past, only the present. You can be a -10 outlaw or a +5 good citizen and they react exactly the same.

But sure, they can have scanners that detect low-security status players if you want to add that to the lore. Why are we doing so again?

Because they have Jove tech not available to capsuleers. Only Concord has the tech so they can impose their punishments. The description of the Enforcer, Marshal, and maybe one more ship touches on this being they are Concord hulls stripped of Concord tech.

I’ve read it somewhere that CONCORD was created to regulate and keep on check capsuleers.
So it’s not protection but actually watching.

Maybe that’s the reason that CONCORD never does more than just kill another capsuleer after illegal act happens. It allows for destroying stuff of both capsuleers.

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