Galactic Hour News Roundup: Crackdowns on Collaborators

Reform of the Yulai Accords and Conventions is notoriously slow, requiring highly technical negotiations subject to veto at several stages by Inner Circle and CONCORD Assembly delegations.

This begs the question where the crackdown on collaborators takes place that it leaves known and proven capsuleer Triglavian supporters untouched. One can only hope that these negotiations are being sped up as it cannot stand that no capsuleer who fought against the Empires, Concord and Edencom can get away with this treason. Capsuleer support was vital for Triglavians to get their foothold. To this day, not a single capsuleer who sided with the Triglavian invaders has had to face any consequences for their actions. Capsuleers caused the empires to lose vital systems yet they cannot come together to root these insurgents and infiltrators from their installations, stations and services.

Concord may be limited in their actions against capsuleers, but the Empires should be capable on their own to at the very least restrict access of capsuleers with positive standings towards Triglavians, ie. those the empires know have shot Empire defensive forces during the invasion, from their services and amenities.

Thought swirl around political and diplomatic sectors in Yulai. CONCORD’s institutional inflexibility is noted by many observers as one reason the core empires demanded the formation of EDENCOM.

This is a particularly touchy bit. Capsuleers all over the place boast with their positive standings towards Triglavians and Edencom. How is it possible that Concord allows capsuleers, whose support for the Triglavians during the invasions has been proven beyond any shred of doubt, can gain positive standings with Edencom? This makes Concord and Edencom even less capable to operate.


This. Why should people who participated in the Theft of Skarkon be welcome anywhere in tribal space ever again? If Edencom is too toothless to take action, the tribes should.


In some places it was lack of capsuleer support that was vital for Triglavians to get their hold, for example, in Ichoriya, where I myself was fighting against Triglavian invaders.

On the other hand, we have systems like Niarja, which has fallen only because of Kybernauts and supporting them Goons.

Of course, it could be logical if Empire would prohibit members of Goonswarm Federation, Kybernauts or whatever else alliance was involved in supporting the aggressors from the docking in the station.

But I think that the real issue here is CONCORD itself, since the organization controls capsuleerhood and holds a hand on our ‘switches’. Some of us could still get access to capsules through our own Empires if CONCORD will shut us down, but majority of unaligned eggers are “private property” of CONCORD. The organization could with ease prohibit access to capsules to those pilots who sided with Triangles, block whole alliances like this Goonswarm, for example, but… they just don’t do this, and I really don’t understand the reason. I know for sure they have the ability.

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CONCORD has no access to such ‘switches,’ such has been proven, more than once, to be little more than scaremongering by capsuleers trying to force the others into submission and into line. Capsuleers are far from ‘CONCORD Property’.

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They have. Capsuleers have a guaranteed medical clone facility in the Empire stations where they were first initiated into capsuleerhood. These medical clones could be revoked so that traitorous capsuleers would have to rely on their own structures or pirate organizations operating in null sec. It will not prevent the capsuleers from having a medical clone, but it will prevent them easy access to empire space, and it would reduce some cost on empires who have to maintain fewer clones.

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I’m not sure you understand how clone contracts work, or are operated. the vast majority of cloning infrastructure is not from nationalized industries, but from private providers such as genolution, cromeuax, eifyr and co, and others. Therein, CONCORD can’t mandate their cease of providing of the contracting, due to their own bureaucracy that they have created around capsuleer rights. And, its worth mentioning that each of these clone providers are very cagey about giving outside groups access to where their clients have clones, even to CONCORD.

They certainly could make capsuleer lives difficult, but not stop them from operating in empire space in any significant way.

All these corporations are subject to laws from their rspective empires. If the empires prohibit the maintenance of capsuleer clones who have committed war crimes against them, these corporations have to abide by these laws.

Considering that there are public records of where a capsuleer first started their career, I cannot imagine that neither the empires nor Concord know about the place where a capsuleer has their guaranteed medical clone as fallback option. After all, every time I use my clone in my school station, I pay Concord or Hedion University a fee to use it.

Times change and so can and should operational practices. That it has not been enough motivation just yet is very obvious. I am just a bit hopeful that they might change their attitude towards these collaborators now, after they lost valuable systems to Triglavians because certain capsuleers played a vital role in making this happen. If losing star systems to relentless invaders is not enough motivation to take actions, we are in deep trouble. Maybe the Gallente can be at the forefront of this, after all, its citizens are nearly rioting on their settlements to make their governments take action. Caldari citizens are very upset, too.

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its not stopped them providing clone contracts to noted pirate capsuleers that have been an extreme thorn to particular empires, I doubt the Triglavian crisis will be enough to move the inertia of their assorted client confidentiality and service policies.

I would like to point out that, not every capsuleer on record graduated from an official school, even with their listeed place of graduation on record, there are many a ways around this, and a guaranteed medical clone is not always at a school station.

on thee note of it not being enough, I do not have much faith in large, profit based organizations making ‘appropriate moral choices’ when they make inordinate and gross levels of profits off our regular patronage one way or the other.

That maybe true, but it would be a first step into the right direction. If the empires and concord only crack down on baseliner trig supporters but leave the capsuleers alone and continue to allow the traitors among them to roam freely around their stations and use their amenities, it leaves a bad taste in the baseliners’ mouths about the effectiveness of their governments and the, as you pointed out, morality and integrity of corporations and state owned school institutions.

We will see in time what comes forth from these first announcements about cracking down on trig supporters.

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We can file this under ‘things CONCORD gives not one single crap about’.

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It’s amusing to see some people are still in a denial of obvious. But I am not going to convince you, I am neither a teacher, nor your mommy to try to open your eyes. Some people believe that ignorance is a bliss, well, enjoy it if you like. But don’t write that to me. Just pray sometime CONCORD won’t bite off your butt for doing something they have prohibited you from doing.

I gladly invite them to try, if they truly have that ability.

If you really want to invite them, go ahead, read their rules, you will see what they’re against. I am not going to give you direct instructions, as that could constitute a violation by itself. Something tells me, however, you’ll never dare to actually try to invite them and that you’re simply running your mouth. But, Maker will be judge for you here.

I could only extend invitation for you to try to fight CONCORD forces that will warp on you if you commit a global criminal offence in high security space, that would be interesting to see if you have good enough piloting skills to stand at least on equal ground with them. Good luck, sort of, O Invincible Capsuleer Friend!

If they had killswitches, they’d have ended atrocity perpetrators such as nauplius, or long standing criminal affiliates years ago. They do have a powerful rapid response system in space in high security zones, but that does not extend beyond in-flight and does not include any controls on cloning infrastructure.

Ha… Haha… Ahahaaa.
Nauplius is a such minor fish in comparison to same Goons or Kybernauts!
Why did you even remember him? Did he do something to you personally?

But, basically, it’s what I’ve been telling from the start, if somehow you haven’t read my initial comment. CONCORD shall start taking care of access of criminals to capsule interfaces. For now all you’re getting is 15 minutes of being chased by CONCORD if you murder someone. How is that for CONCORD’s justice?

So, you murder a freighter with several thousands of people people? Good, we’ll wreck your ship once and won’t let you undock for 15 minutes. After that - go and do whatever you like. Nobody else does that except CONCORD.

You murdered dozens of these freighters and now CONCORD shoots you on contact in space? You can say, finally, justice they deserve… But no, they simply bribe CONCORD and can zoom around like nothing happened. Good job, CONCORD!

Somehow, I doubt they will change too much of their current policy and reach.

I must say, I am incensed by the State’s recent decision to blindly fumble around for scapegoats in the form of “criminal elements”. Instead of using the discretion and fine tools that I know they posses, the local corporate authorities in Black Rise have seen fit to act as a fraternity of drunken Gallente federal agents; barging in on business that’s none of theirs and wielding their authority as a blunt instrument to beat innocent people into submission with, making any and every arrest that piques the spark of interest in their otherwise empty skulls.

My organization helped save the lives of countless refugees from Ichoriya and Ahtila, resettling them and giving them jobs and resources. But now I’m sitting at my desk looking at reports of a number of my baseliner agents, very skilled and capable agents, who’ve been arrested and brought up on criminal charges, everything from smuggling and grand theft, to kidnapping and murder. On top of that, my organization is being accused of profiteering off of the relief efforts, even trafficking Caldari citizens!

Our corporate overlords really need to pull their heads out of their asses. I hope they realize their stupid mistake soon, and take steps to correct it.


Well, that is absolutely deserving of outrage. If you deem it necessary, I will employ personal assets to extract your people, in honor of their service to others. Just as my conscience could not allow standing by against the Collective, nor will it allow complacence here.

But there are such elements, unfortunately.
There were even citizens calling for Zorya to come. I don’t know what happened in your corporation, but what was happening in the State, I believe, was more than justified. There were a lot of Triglavian, gurista, gallentean collaborators who were apprehended. Unfortunately, it was done late…

I deeply appreciate your help in Black Rise, however… I urge you to review these accusations more carefully! I am not going to make any claims that Triglavians or worse - Gurista, have infiltrated your corporation, but you surely need to know, that even I myself was a witness of a member of your corporation attacking soldiers of the State on duty just today!

I understand that it can be frustrating if the State does that ignoring the command chain, but I hope you will understand as well and will help us in rooting out the corruption from the State!