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This is Ministries Pellion, for the independent press organization, I Reject Your Reality, reporting live from Dodixie.

Earlier today, the private security services contractor, Tora Bushido, senior executor of The Marmite Collective announced he, along with unnamed others would be joining/merging into P I R A T, their former rival, in the highly competitive mercenary field operating primarily in the Central Cluster. This announced merger is to take place Friday the 12th of April*.

Details are scarce at this moment as to how this will work out; but Mr. Bushido was kind enough to respond to my inquiry regarding this event.

I quote verbatim from that communication:

  1. In light of recent developments by Concord (regarding aggression in the Central Cluster), is working as a small mercenary organization viable any longer?

Tora Bushido: No, small mercenary organizations have no chance defending a strcuture.

  1. Under these new regulations, which seriously impact the Central Cluster only, should those interested in mercenary careers seek apprenticeships, or employment either in the 'Tweens or out on the Edge with the large corporations functioning within the safety of a strong Alliance or Coallition?

Tora Bushido: Become good at pvp and join PIRAT.

  1. Is it possible any longer for new graduates of the University systems to even find mercenary work any longer in the Central Cluster? Or has the cost of maintaining a professional fighting force, for hire, forced mercenary organizations to forgo, entirely, fostering interest in this area of employment through offering apprenticeships? And, as a potential followup question, do you know of any mercenary groups offering mentorships to new recruits now? Or has that simply died, by the wayside, killed by Concord’s actions?

Tora Bushido: Yes, but they’ll never be able to do the contracts, if bigger fish are also hired. The costs are only better after the patch. PIRAT has a training corp.

Questions remain as to how this will play out. Concord had previously announced a number of changes as to how they will execute laws within their jurisdiction, and this reporter believes this event (the merger) is a consequence of these announcements. Concord’s declared intention was to “level the playing field” and give “agency” to myriads of capsuleers in an attempt to curb the creeping lawlessness in parts of the Central Cluster.

Whether the intended outcome does in fact become reality is open to debate. In fact, in private clubs in the Dodixie area, odds makers are now taking wagers as to the outcome.

Opinions differ wildly as to whether this increasing policing of capsuleer activities will actually result in agency for the lawful…or the lawless.

This is Ministries Pellion reporting live on Saturday Night.

*The date is listed in Mr. Bushido’s “local” time.

This story will be updated as events unfold.

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This story is being updated:

Apparently, the agreement between P I R A T and Marmites did in fact take effect.

In addition, at least some prominent members of R I O T, another well known high sec mercenary organization, most frequently seen in the Dodixie area have joined P I R A T as well.

Which begs the question, considering P I R A T now has a recruitment ad running, how many mercenaries does P I R A T intend to employ?

This is Ministries Pellion, I will continue to update this story as news develops.

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