Caldari Prime and the Legion contract

(Makoto Priano) #1

Interesting news today from Caldari Prime, where we see a change in command of the Mordu’s Legion task force overseeing planetary security.

Needless to say, the success of this contract has been a high point in recent years, and the successful joint administration of the planet seems to be remarkably sustainable.

I’m certainly hoping the contract negotiation goes well, or at the very least a similarly mutually-agreeable security contractor may be identified if the Legion wishes to pivot toward more Upwell-oriented work. I’d have to say, though, that’d be a sad thing, given the mutually beneficial history between the Legion and Ishukone.

(Isha Vuld) #2

That’s interesting…Unsure what else to say about it. I wonder what other contractors would be considered if the Legion isn’t available anymore.

(Makoto Priano) #3

Agreed. I can’t think of an appropriate party, save perhaps a joint force with, say, Society oversight.

(Pieter Tuulinen) #4

Well. So much for a relaxing weekend in the hills with my family - instead I’m going to be running a Level 0 inventory of my hangars and making sure every ship larger than a destroyer has been warmed up and shaken down by Sunday night.

Back onto 24 hour notice to deploy, I guess…

(Arrendis) #5

On behalf of Goonswarm and the Imperium, we’d like to welcome Strike Commander Tsuni Aina back to Pure Blind, and look forward to continued positive relations with the Legion presence from our facilities in O-N8XZ and our operations centers in ROIR-Y and X-7OMU.

(Diana Kim) #6

Once Legion has been known for a peacekeeping force, fighting crime throughout the cluster. But really nobody who follows mercenary path can stay honorable. In the end, there’s little difference between pirates and mercenaries.

And now we see how low the Legion has fallen. They have started with helping us against the Federal aggressors, but now they protect the Federal occupation on OUR homeworld. From peacekeepers to pets of occupants and aggressors.

Shame to Mordu’s Legion.

(Morgana Tsukiyo) #7

Let’s see how much both sides grown up in the interval and how will they do without the babysitter watching them.

Plus, what is the Legion coming up with to need their soldiers back in such a hurry? :thinking:

(Arrendis) #8

You mean other than that thing where they’re heavily invested in Upwell, and the Serpentis don’t like that? Could be trouble brewing in Outer Ring.

(Utari Onzo) #9

They fulfilled a contract they were hired to do by both sides, and are now reasonably looking to renegotiate as that contract ends.

This seems entirely above board in keeping with basic business practice for a non-aligned group. I don’t think there’s any shame here.

(Diana Kim) #10

Their “contract” involves guarding aggressors forces on the oppressed planet. They betrayed the State by allowing gallenteans to stay on our Homeworld.

As for the shame, I think I have to agree with you. After all, they are just disgusting mercenaries. They know no shame, no loyalty, no humanity, only money.

(Isha Vuld) #11

Pardon me if I’m wrong, but if the State is the one who asked them to do that in the first place, then it’s not treason.

(Utari Onzo) #12

They also guarded Caldari from Gallenteans as part of the contract.

(Nahine Heluene) #13

Getting real comfortable with Upwell, looks like. Essentially the conglomerate’s own PMC - a shrewd business decision if nothing else. Interesting times.

(Makoto Priano) #14

Well, they were one of the founding partners for the consortium. Upwell’s success is their success, and the reverse.

Admittedly, I’m not sure how contribution and profit-sharing operates within Upwell, but I can only imagine that the other parties are material contributors, even though we mostly see ORE as its face.

(Pieter Tuulinen) #15

It sounds to me like they’re in danger of losing their mobility and are becoming subsumed by Upwell entirely.

(Arrendis) #16

Or after however many years, they’re tired of just being military and are looking to establish and alternative career path for their officers who want to get away from bloodshed for a while.

(Nahine Heluene) #17

Hm, and wouldn’t that be an unexpected conclusion to the Legion’s saga?

(Pieter Tuulinen) #18

Well they could certainly do worse than attach themselves to a large and profitable corporation, under those circumstances.

At least from my, admittedly biaised, perspective.

(Arrendis) #19

You mean do worse than be one of the principle founding members of a large and profitable consortium? :wink:

(Pieter Tuulinen) #20

Semantics. I agree with you - it could be a positive thing, indeed - at least if they don’t all end up dead!