Caldari civilian efforts

With tensions building on the remote system of Isoskio with civilians clamming “The State needs to send more help.”, one said in opposition to the Galente Federation continues their aggression towards the Caldari boarder that started four months ago. The civilians appear to be preparing for an invasion force and have small bunkers with military grade Anti-ship turrets as well as explosives, light tanks, and munitions stockpiles. We will expect the Federation’s ground forces to begin invading Isoskio V shortly after the capture of the Information Hub to legitimize their attack. We will watch the situation closely as the conflict continues, intervene, and provide assistance as needed.

-LT. Shi
72nd Wing, Commanding


If an invasion of planetside centers on Isoskio V does indeed occur, then I am willing to offer aid and security forces on behalf of the UNF to civilian centers, as a means to prevent civilian casualties and disorder.

Any FDU aligned capsuleer groups that attempt to commit forces to participate in such an invasion with an intent to support the taking and pacification of civilian centers will be condemned.

I cannot promise aid to separate military installations that may be present planetside. Only to, again, civilian cities, townships, and arcologies.


Unlike the State, the Federation has not demonstrated a desire to launch large scale ground assaults on Caldari populated worlds. As far as I am aware, no such invasions have ever been reported in the past when Federal Defense Union forces have taken control of the warzone regions. Although, if I’m not mistaken, there were some limited counter-terrorism operations.

Perhaps these precautions arise out of the justified fear that Federal forces will seek revenge for the atrocities committed by Lai Dai forces on Intaki? Afraid that the Federation will do unto the State as the State has done to innocent civilians on Intaki Prime?

Well, for my part I can assure you that the Villore Accords have no intention of launching ground assaults on Caldari worlds.

However, given the entrenched presence of so many Templis Dragonaur aligned terrorists in the local militia forces it may be necessary to conduct limited anti-terrorism operations. It is obvious that the State Protectorate continues to let such terrorists infest its ranks. If the Caldari State is incapable of burning them out, we may be forced to do so ourselves.

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Speaking for NadireSec only, we have no interest in bringing direct physical harm to the populace of any world in the contested border area within the Zone of Operations designated by the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act. I can safely presume that is the stance held by most of the Federal Defence Union and indeed the powers-that-be that are charged with our oversight. Namely, the Federation Combined Armed Forces (FEDCAF).

We don’t generally make a habit of emulating the loathsome actions committed by the Lai Dai Corporation and their pawns on Intaki V, or indeed many of the other deeds that have been committed against the best interests of the populace of the Federal Defence Cordon.

However, as Captain Vero has stated there is the possibility of terror cells being active and may warrant counter-terrorism operations to be carried out, hopefully with the co-operation of the local authorities.

Ikoskio, like it’s neighbours Asakai and Prism, will be captured by the Federal Defence Union. We will not launch, sanction or support planetary invasions of conquest and plunder as petty revenge for what the State has inflicted repeatedly upon the Federation over the last twelve years. And if there are instances of that happening they will be met with our strongest condemnation.


Ms. Vero, might I remind you that the actions of a Mega are not indicative of the actions of the wider State.

It is quite possible that the civilians are indeed entrenching expecting such a response over an action they had no direct party to the occurrence of. It has happened before in other places and warzones.

@MantelGlobalIndustries , and for once, you Mr. Adams surprise me. Considering your participations in unjustified aggression campaigns in the past. I may be skeptical of your sincerity, but will hold you to your words.

None of this would be necessary if the FDU stayed in its lane.

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Indeed not, but history has shown us clearly that the “wider State” has had no problem with engaging in wide scale oppression and economic exploitation whenever they had the upper hand in the warzone. It’s no wonder that the Caldari are afraid of reprisals. They know how they have acted when they had the upper hand, and fear the same being done to them.

Fortunately for them, the Federation has been more civilized in its treatment of occupied territories. Caldari colonized systems like Nisuwa, Nennamalia, Eha, and others have been held by FDU forces for years at a time without any indication of abuse or unrest.

GMVA has no objection to neutral entities acting as peacekeeping forces on Caldari worlds during the continued FDU aligned operations in the region. However, I would caution everyone involved to be wary. Templis Dragonaur terrorist cells have no hesitation about attacking Gallente and Caldari alike.

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If you are referring to what transpired in Eugales several years ago, I will inform you that it was nothing personal on my former employer’s part or indeed that of the wider Caldari Militia Coalition. There was a coalition-wide policy that effectively can be summarised as ‘one in, all in’ if we were called upon to assist a charter member, which CRIME.NET was at the time. I will not apologise for participating in that campaign as it was limited solely to capsuleer assets in space, but I will state that had diplomacy occurred with representatives of the CMC other than CRIME.NET there could have been an opportunity to avoid that bloodshed.

This campaign is, amongst others, a means to put pressure on the colonial endeavours of the former ‘Patriot’ bloc of the Caldari State, amongst them the Lai Dai corporation. We cannot let their criminal enterprises on Intaki and elsewhere in the Federation go unanswered, and if we can do that by interfering in their economic activities within the Zone of Operations we shall do so.

I will agree that the majority of the time the FDU and it’s associated forces have been fair in their treatment of State systems under their administration. However you and I will both agree that certain elements have been acting in ways contrary to the values and spirit of the Federation and it’s principles. Most notably the issue I raised within our shared participation in the Villore Assembly of the treatment of prisoners of war by certain organisations, which elicited condemnation from both sides at the time.

We must highlight our successes, yes. But without recognising our failures we are shaming our ancestors and dooming our descendants to repeat our mistakes in the present.

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@MantelGlobalIndustries Attempts were made Mr. Adams. Through The Bloc alliance and others, who, before their disbandings, were also part of the CMC. They told us they had passed word further along and would do what they could to not further aid CRIME . NET or to mediate an agreement. This was a lie, and they fielded repeatedly in support.

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In that regard I was unaware and that is the truth coming from me.

In regards to your original post, I would strongly recommend that you take whatever measures you can to protect civilian populations from danger irrespective of their nationality as you have previously in Lirsautton/Chandeille and Intaki.

The less disruption to their lives, the better.

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Isn’t that exactly what occupation of Black Rise is, the repetition of our ancestors’ mistakes? I’ve yet to hear a convincing reason why it isn’t.



Dear me.

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Berserkers will be rejoining the Caldari militia within the next 24 hours , we hope we can be of service .

Good luck to the women and men in the defence of Ikoskio , you are the best of us .

Lt. Shi!

I hope you won’t fall for empty propaganda that is being spread by personalities like Vero and Mantel. Vero has been found publically lying on the forum before multiple times, at least against me. Mantel is one who has betrayed the State - how people like that could be trusted at all? Their words are empty.

Besides, we all know what the Federation is capable of, of their genocide death squads in Black Rise, that they capture and torture prisoners of war in such the cruel inhumane way, that could be matched only by Blood Raiders or Sansha Nation.

In the preparation of a hostile invasion, I will send you advanced weaponry, personal protection, mobile artillery to defend the colony from the gallente occupants and even a set of NULL cannons to shot down dropships and protect colony against planetary bombardment.

However, meanwhile I suggest to put the most of the effort counterwise to defending the systems in space. As soon as we will defeat them there, they won’t dare to send in their dropships on the planet with our superiority in the space.

I suggest rerouting all the resources to defeating them in space, Lieutenant. At least because it’s the best way to guarantee security to our people, fights on the planetside are way more bloody, and gallente know no humanity. Of course, thousands or millions die in the space because of gallente aggression as well, but these numbers are way less than expected casualties (especially among non-combatants) during planetside conflict.

We shall succeed, Liutenant, planetside and in space alike. For it is our land, our people and we shall protect it from foreign aggressors and their atrocities!

And lets hope we can defeat them in space before these monsters will descend on our planets.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

Strike Commander, Piss Off. All you’ll succeed in doing is making the colony a more likely target of attack assuming an invasion occurs. You’re only likely to increase potential non-combatant casualties. And NULL Cannons are not accurate enough in atmospheric range to catch more than a handful of dropships, they’re meant for taking out large hard targets such as MCCs.


Thank you for your support of maintaining the safety of our people. They do not wish to rejoin the Federation and don’t want to be bothered by them. Your support is monumental to the security and future of our nation.

Again thank you,
LT. Shi
72nd Wing , Commanding


Oh really? Well, then you wouldn’t mind if we actually ask them?

The truth is that the Caldari people have never had the freedom to choose their own fate under the bootheel of the State. Terrorists like the Templis Dragonaurs stoked violence and division between our peoples, and then the Megacorporate traitors took advantage of that instability to foment a coup to protect their ability to oppress and dominate private fiefdoms outside Federation protections for individual liberty and human rights.

I’ve said this for years, but if the Caldari people had truly wanted to leave the Federation in peace they should have held a free and open referendum on the question under the Federation Charter. It has always been very telling to me that the Megacorporations who formed the State instead chose to murder those who dissented and secede through violence. There is nothing that the State fears more than the freely expressed voice of its own people.

Ms. Vero, while to some extent I may agree with your assessment having studied the recorded history of both nations and third party records, the Federation isn’t particularly clean either. Might I remind you about the U-Nats rise in popularity in your senate that was also a very strong factor in the final decision on secession for the Caldari State?

I think that a direct representative of the FDU or those working for you trying to ask that question locally would be unduly inflammatory, considering existing tensions.

That is ■■■■■■■■. And you know why. Referendum shows collective opinion, gallente would dominate that by sheer mass and keep the results in either way they want.
Caldari people did as they wanted on individual basis - all of them have chosen employment of Megacorporation than unemployment and this useless federal “democracy”. Without tyranny of majority that your referendum would impose.

HOW DARE YOU doubt a word of a Caldari Officer, gallente swine!!
If Lt. Shi said so - then it is as she has said.

And no, we won’t allow gallente monsters “ask” that - we all know HOW gallente ask this question, shaking their weapons and threatening people to join their federation, terrorizing them into submission.

If you still can’t comprehend how wrong you are - think about this. All of Caldari citizens have ability to terminate their employment contracts one-sidedly, relinquish all coporate services and lent property the contract have ensured and go look for their luck in Federation. I don’t really see anyone doing THAT exactly except mentally ill persons, and we certainly don’t need them in our State.

Baseline-side it’s unheard of.
Capsuleers? Lots of eggers have contracted CDS, but can you name at least anyone sane who did that?

Now, thinking about it a bit more, it actually opens an unique possibility.
If you REALLY want only ASK without your pathetic attempt to terrorize people into submission, how about we actually allow you to do this?
But… without weapons, without capsule, alone. Unable to threaten anyone. Unable to touch anyone. From a cage like an animal you are! We’ll drag you along the streets and will let you ask anyone you want anything you want.
How about THAT?

But I think you like the rest of coward gallenteans simply refuse that and will continue pouring nonsence about us on forums instead. Because without legions of brainwashed freedom-obsessed fanatics behind your back you are nothing. And your words are empty.

Strike Commander, if you’d be so kind as to keep your vitriol to yourself. There are more important things to hand than putting forward your disdain to those you don’t like.

As it currently stands, UNF security forces are already in place to be deployed to civilian centers Lieutenant Shi may consider of particular risk. A number of associated contractors are Caldari citizens currently under extended contracts to Windstalker Installation Security Operations, ArSec, and other entities within UNF.