New Dawn Initiative: Political Asylum for Caldari Citizens

I received news of the Yanala Day Massacre with horror and disgust. I would have been shocked but unfortunately news of bloodshed and violence towards the common citizenry by corporate security forces is all too unsurprising and prevailing from the Caldari State. It becomes all too easy to become jaded by what is the latest in a long litany of abuses by State thugs in their jackboots trampling upon the innocent; instead however I have decided to act.

As such, I am proud to announce in conjunction with the government of the Vaitunen Combine - a Caldari majority Federal member-state located in Unel, Sinq Laison - the beginning of the New Dawn Initiative. The purpose of the New Dawn Initiative will be the creation of a humanitarian network across the Caldari State under the auspices of SCC regulation in order to provide protection and political asylum for those Caldari Citizens facing corporate persecution by transferring them to the borders of the Federation.

Once within the borders of the Federation, those seeking asylum will be provided for with access to accommodation, health care, support programs, and expedited paths to refugee citizenship and residence as part of the Vaitunen Combine. While I accept I cannot prevent the violent barbarism of the Caldari State, I can at least provide some measure of respite for its victims.

With regards,

Vehaima Zekaarin
New Dawn Initiative: Protecting The Innocent


Again with this kind of thing? You allegedly have recently had your record wiped and your name altered, may I recommend a more thorough job before undertaking the latest in this embarrassing parade of transparent hypocrisy?

Oh, and you are a bit slow on the draw there, pirate. The best time to exploit this was almost a month ago, when your ridiculous propaganda had a few people actually convinced.

You’re making me go full minmatar on you.

There is no propaganda here, only a concerned private citizen of the Federation who understands the persecution levied by the State against its citizens and who had to claim asylum within the Federation in order to escape it.

I don’t think you’re sexy enough to go full Minmatar.

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Oh, are you so sure?

Honestly, I’d argue here but this whole situation is so stupid I don’t even know where to begin. I suppose the one thing I could point others unfortunate enough to read your nonsense towards the right direction is to tell them to look at your own past and posting history.

You are a disgusting, self-admittedly psychopathic Gurista and, if your continued inability to even propagandize effectively is any indication, one suffering from some form of severe learning disability as well. To now suddenly flip the script and play the part of a humanitarian Fed, all while using a Gurista fabricated event is just laughable.

You know, just like your entire person in general.

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My inability to propagandize is because I have no interest in it. My interest is in saving Caldari lives.

Take the tea, it will help.

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You don’t have to provide further proof of your incompetence, its quite clear for all to see. You are just spamming at this point.


Come now, Diana. We all get that you’re desperate for acceptance, but cultural appropriation is never right. Especially not when it’s done poorly like that.


While I understand you come from the Diana Kim school of pandering to an audience in your own mind, that has no bearing on my humanitarian endeavours.

It is revolting when someone as degraded as Federation supporter dares to speak about humanitarian endeavours. For federals ain’t got no humanity. They are the foot soldiers of a Caldari-hating, mass murdering maniacal criminal regime and they need to be destroyed!

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Rather than looking at it as a Caldari-hating mass murdering maniacal criminal plot, the State should embrace this initiative as a cost-effective way to rid itself of “troublesome elements.” If everyone who protested working conditions was spirited away on someone else’s dime, more resources would become available for corporate shindigs. Win-win.

I love Caldari, my kin by blood and culture, this is why I am trying to save them from the mass murdering, maniacal regime in the State.

I do what I do out of an abundance of care and concern for my kin.

Oh what a nice and convincing argument-

Ah, guess not.

Damn, Zekaarin, you really are just impressively inept at anything and everything you attempt, aren’t you? Couldn’t even stay quiet long enough to let another do the talking for you.

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My only interest is in saving lives; not having advocates speak for me unsolicited.

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Are you for real? Or it’s just another pathetic attempt at trolling?

I mean… even those who lived in the State for just one year would know that we don’t have “a regime”. The State was built by 8 independent megacorporations, and the only structure we have that could resemble a government is a CEP. But it’s functions are so detached from regular life of Citizens, that I am going to laught at a face of anyone who will say “THEY ARE LOYAL TO CEP”. Or that they’re fighting for CEP, that’s pure comedy gold. Those who are truly loyal to CEP are direct CEP employees, who unlikely would even look at these boards.

So if someone would have a blunt to call our management system as regime, they would have said instead “regimes”, again, because governing of people in each Mega where they live is different and lives of Citizens are regulated by their respective Megas, with their own laws, customs, privileges, etc.

Taking that into account, what you said was either a pitiful attempt at a standup comedy or rather halfwitted trolling.

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The cruelty and violence that underwrite the petty tyranny of the Caldari Megacorporation are so similar I feel no need to make distinctions between them. It does not matter to me the reasons why Caldari corporate management massacre their people, only that I do what I can to spare the lives of the innocent.

No, really, is this a comedy skit? There’s surely no way someone can legitimately be as hysterically incompetent as this, right? Like, not to imply praise upon other Guristas and Federal operatives and sympathizers on the IGS, but holy ■■■■, the bar was on the ground and you brought an excavator.

I have genuinely met multiple children that are dramatically more eloquent than you, children that could at the very least construct a half-convincing narrative to peddle.

If I am honest, I was just trying to be hurtful when I said you might have a learning disability, but you seem intent on proving me right. Were you not doing so while trying (extremely, extremely poorly) to advocate for such filth, I might have started feeling bad now.

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While I understand State society promotes the constancy of paranoia and suspicion to the extreme, I have no narrative to peddle.