Response to Gallente Federation intervention in Caldari State affairs

In order to deliver retribution for Gallente attempts at invading Caldari State souvereign territory and putting their nose into Caldari State affairs as well as calls for violence against Caldari State aligned corporations and groups, I offer a


For any and every Gallente Federation aligned capsuleer ship (by pilot allegiance - (FDU and enlisted alliances, Federal Navy, FNA, known loyalists, etc), not hull type) destroyed with assistance of Templis Dragonaurs vessels.

The combat reports should be sent directly to my NeoCom mail to estimate the bounty payout depending on the value destroyed.

Glory to the State!
And death to Gallente occupants!

You mean, the vey same Templis Dragonaurs that are, last I was aware, a listed Ultranationalist Terrorist organization by all current Caldari Megacorps, as well as the Caldari Navy? And… you are encouraging multiple individuals, as a Caldari Officer, to work with said Ultranationalist Terrorists? And the Vimoksha Chorus to boot, which have, without fail, been sighted at, and assisting the locations where Dragonaur vessels are congregating?



As you yourself indicated almost a year ago, the Templis Dragonaurs are “an illegal organization” within the State, “and remains so up to this day.” They have been, again in your words, “reaffirmed” as “terrorists” by the CEP, and their outlaw status “has prevented TD from appearing in space”.

If the organization is illegal in Caldari space, then for them to operate in Caldari space is a crime. Thus, they are criminals under State law. Are you inciting legitimate capsuleers to support and defend criminals who are breaking the State’s laws? That would be exceedingly disappointing, Commander.




Here, take this cool audio file from a conversation way earlier.

[02:45:53] Diana Kim > “Templis Dragonaurs are Caldari Culture Preservation Society.”
[02:46:16] Evi Polevhia > They work with the Vimoksha Chorus.
[02:46:41] Diana Kim > “That is disgusting, but it doesn’t make them terrorists, fool.”


Not surprising, we all know she’s a terrorist.


How pathetic, a well-known leader of a treacherous organization that is known to siding with Gallente occupants and attacking loyal Caldari military groups is openly slandering State personnel in a Caldari thread against Gallente intervention.

So many years still passed, some were saying that I-RED or even John himself could return back to the fold and become loyal State citizen, but all we see now is continous licking of gallente boots and aggressive behavior agaist loyal State servicemen.

For shame.

And yet you have no comment on the other statements made. I may no longer be of Hyasyoda or The Navy, those things were taken from me years ago, but I do very much believe your encouragement of collaboration with known and declared Terrorist Entities such as the Dragonaurs detestable, and against any respectable action a Caldari Officer or member of the Navy could suggest. You are a disgrace to the Uniform, and The State.

And you’re offering a reward for individuals to do so, no less.

I am encouraging people to kill gallente occupants.
At least I am not asking them to work alongside GURISTA scum or make any establishments in GURISTA stations, right? Because THAT would be too dishonorable!

Their illegality is a mistake, as there are little crimes they have committed in comparison to same, gurista, for example. The terrorism by itself is neither a crime, nor one can become a terrorist by simply being named one, just like you can’t become a cook when you’re engineer but someone named (or “reaffirmed”) you a cook.

And most certainly I do not support or defend criminals. I encourage people to fight the enemies of the State. Even if TD are enemies, Gallente are the greater one and should be dealt with accordingly.

As Caldari, we can take care of our criminals and laws ourselves without intervention of pesky gallentean invaders. And if Gallente invaders will dare to poke their ugly gallentean noses into State affairs, I think it’s better even to forget our internal fights and fight against outsider menace together as one.

After the gallente menace will be dealt with, we will deal with our own criminals for sure - ourselves. If any Dragonaur will break the State law, they will answer for that with their life.

This is irrelevant. If their status is a mistake, they should rectify that mistake through the corporate courts, not by breaking the law. To willfully break the law is to embrace criminality.

As you yourself have pointed out, by congregating in space under the banner of the Templis Dragonaur, they are breaking State law.


I wonder if such lying and dishonorable coward like you, Priano, could tell anything of value. If you don’t why you even appear? To poison the discussion just with a presence of your lying face? Be so kind and begone, this is Caldari business, it is not of your concern.

A gallentean pet posts a quote out of context. How cute.

Now, I have commented every other post prior to yours.

It doesn’t matter to me who you are or who you were, it matters what you say and what you do. And what I see is a pitiful attempt at insult in a discussion targeted against Gallente invasion, moreover, you dare to blame ME in a disgraceful conduct, insulting my honor, my uniform and my State.

For that, I challenge you to a duel. If your words have at least a milligram of meaning and not an empty babbling of another gallente bootlicker, I offer you to choose your weapon: I can fight in space with designated ship size, or I can meet you in person as a soldier of the State and officer, weapons I will accept can include but not limited to: handguns, swords, rifles, etc.

The choice is yours.

I find it surprising that those holding your leash with the State Protectorate have yet to denounce you over this and other actions I have observed.

If you want to fight, we shall fight. Fighter craft. Locust series variant. Good luck, Strike Commander.

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Just said my opinion.
I’ll let them handle the situation.

And yet, I am not a security officer to chase a suspect in a crime they probably even have not committed. I am a soldier, and we are at war. Dragonaurs are not my concern - I might chase them when we win the fight against the Federation, but until then - and I will address Dragonaurs as well - if you are Caldari, you will take your arms and fight the enemy which is at the gates. (And of course, we are not talking about dishonorable Gurista, who can’t be considered Caldari anymore)

Iteresting choice of weapons, but you dare to insult me yet again?
I have to question your sanity in that case.

But anyway, I do accept your choice. Contact me with NeoCom when you are ready.

Right now, the Dragonaur are in the same legal state as the Guristas. Associating with them while they are in that state is no different than associating with the Guristas. Be careful, Commander—you don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.


So…pillow fights madame?

Funny you say this now, while in other contexts you act like you have the authority to place warrants on people?