[SOTER4PRESIDENT.COM] Response to Templis Dragonaurs/Vimoksha Chorus Alliance

In light of the fresh new hell of this Caldari Templis Dragonaurs/Vimoksha Chorus alliance, I am offering a bounty for every recovered Communications Log, or any other information related to “Operation Vajra”, shall be compensated by the Soter For President Campaign with Federation Navy Comet class faction frigates, to better equip loyal defenders of the Federation in light of this new evil spreading across New Eden.

This will be done on a case by case basis. Please contact myself DIRECTLY for discussions on transfer of frigates and the materiel or information on the new hostile alliance.

During a recent operation in the system of Anchauttes, I personally recovered the following Templis Dragonaurs message fragment:

«Co-operation and exchange according to the plan of Operation Vajra has been authorized by First Citizen Sedek. Envoys will sent to locations you provide on mutual communications channels rotating on pattern sigma-79 with variable cycle chronoset-181 and encryption varimatrix-113. Handshake procedures will be established by return message according to these parameters. Failure to properly establish bona fides will result in hostile action as agreed under terms of our security compact.»


Julianus Soter
Candidate for the Presidency of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime

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I dare say, you just earned my vote.

Intrepid Capsuleer Josh en Welle has provided me this most recent clue:

A partially recovered communications log file from the wreck of a Vimoksha Chorus vessel:

«All Templis Dragonaurs cell leaders have been apprised of the communications parameters for Operation Vajra. Locations are being prepared. Transmission of co-ordinates will proceed according to the received parameters. We acknowledge security compact terms will call for mutual hostilities in the event of a failure of handshake procedures at any staging location. Following successful exchange we will evacuate the locations and terminate contact.»

He has been provided ten Federation Navy Comet hulls as compensation for his loyal defense of the Federal Frontier.

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