So about these Brutor ship logs

Hello Capsuleers.

My name is Rhiload. You all know who I am. Tournament pilot extraordinaire, teacher of the masses. What you may not know is that one of my researchers, Planet 6 has recently “acquired” encrypted ship logs and encrypted data transmission from the destroyed naglfar dreadnoughts besieging Tanoo. The current location of these logs are with my employee, safe in the system.

Now, even though this was totally legitimate salvage, I (and my staff) have received several insane demands about these items. I consider this to be an affront to my respectable name.

As a result, I have randomly decided to align myself to the alliance Electus Matari and hand over the decoded data after seeing the logs myself.

A partial explanation for my decision might be that after handing a crushing defeat to Electus Matari in round 1 of the Anger Games tournament, I felt a consolation prize was in order.

To do this, since these logs can’t be relayed on normal FTL communications according to my idiot technicians, on Friday the 30th of this very month, my employee Planet 6 will transport these blasted logs via traditional gate to gate travel between Tanoo and the Electus Matari home system.

In fact, I feel such confidence in his martial prowess, I’ve tasked him to use the opportunity to create a guide. One of my many galnet published guides, this one will be the Zkill guide on how to defeat the Amarr Empire.

My suggestion to any group that desires to challenge this transfer of goods is to declare war on Planet 6’s organization, as the trip to their home is entirely in high sec. You can be assured that he will act independently and separate from that organization. I very much doubt that “We form V0lta” will have any interest in this minor childish dispute your respective groups seem to be so invested in.

After discussing several options with my beneficiary, I’ve been told the least safe time for my staff to move these items is apparently 23:00 new eden standard on Friday. I’ve chosen this time as a result. I’ve asked them to procure a Battleship class vessel for the safety of my staff, and told them they can provide an escort if they want, even though I hardly think that’s necessary.


Round two. You had a free advance through the first round. We did not. But you certainly did crush us in our match pretty hard.

But all the same, thank you very much. This is greatly appreciated.


Did you actually do any of the work or was it Planet 6 doing all the work again?


So, if I read this correctly, you are risking the destruction of potentially important intel for the continued stability of the CONCORD agreement for the purposes of baiting a fight?


The man is vain, selfish, and narcissistic. He’s stumbled upon a way to please his legions of fans and be once again relevant after his fall from the public eye. What else would you expect from him. At least he’s giving this stuff to the good guys.

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This is exactly what that guy in the Avenjinateurs flick (the one played by Geauffe d’Or) would do!

It’s not like Aldrith was going to be able to outbid me. This just saved me a few trillion.

It appears that is exactly what he is doing. makes me wonder who’s paying him off to avoid handing those logs over to the proper authorities or those actually interested in seeing the region safe and secure.

I can’t wait until we crack this one open and pretend to be surprised that it’s an Imperial operation. If they screwed up, they’d only risk a few Ammatar, right?

I’m sure there’s some statement or another being prepared, now.

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Well, this is certainly one way to do it.

Who says sports is a waste of time?

For the record, should these logs end up in EM possession I will do my best to have them decrypted, see that the information on them reaches the proper authorities so the culprit of this unauthorized attack will meet their proper consequence, and unless concern of tribal survival prevents I will also seek to share any information with the capsuleer public.

I encourage everyone to think carefully how to choose sides here, if someone were to attempt preventing this transfer. If you want to know what’s on these logs it could in your interest to help them return home.


… then it’d really suck if you destroyed them by blowing up the guy’s ship, right, @Gaven_Lok_ri ?

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You didn’t pick up that I had already realised that from my comment?


This is quite unprofessional.
Offering the said logs to scoundrels and then offering honest folks to fight to try to stop him.
What for?
Making an infamous name for oneself?

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Due to the sensitivity of this situation, I’m hesitant to make any strong or decisive statements here and will instead defer to my superiors to determine the most appropriate course of action.

On a personal level, however, I do feel the need to mention how upsetting it is to see the pursuit of justice in the face of terroristic acts playing second fiddle to petty baiting and political maneuvering. I implore those that it concerns to reconsider and turn these logs over to Amarr authorities.


Hey, this is something that falls within my realm of expertise, as the subject of the famous Meme Worm Affair, in which I asked for a fancy dress as reward for securing the meme worms.

If the heavy foot of CONCORD bureaucracy does not stomp loudly over this affair as well, then I shall be at least 29% perturbed.

After discussing several options with my beneficiary, I’ve been told the least safe time for my staff to move these items is apparently 23:00 new eden standard on Friday. I’ve chosen this time as a result. I’ve asked them to procure a Battleship class vessel for the safety of my staff, and told them they can provide an escort if they want, even though I hardly think that’s necessary.

Far be it from me to hamper your self-aggrandizing sport, but considering that the main diplomatic representative of your beneficiary essentially admitting that nothing will be released that in any way implicates the Republic in the attack on Tanoo; I would strongly suggest that if you place so much value as you claim upon your good name, that you reconsider your destination.

Much as I would prefer the expedient path of handing it to a legitimate representative of the Mandate, naturally their authorities are entitled to evidence pertaining to a crime in which they were indisputably the victim; you may give credence to the inevitable and unfounded protests which would spill forth from Electus Matari at such an option.

So, as an imperfect choice in an imperfect situation, the location I would advocate for is the Inner Circle Tribunal above Yulai VIII–if you find your good name is inadequate motive to do so, on confirmation of delivery to the Inner Circle, you would be renumerated to the tune of twenty-five billion isk.


You, sir, are obviously just being baiting, to what make a name for yourself? to increase your name? there are many flaws with your doing this. One, I highly doubt you will have the items with you, two your obvious attempt at getting those Loyal to the empire to show up to destroy the logs or risk destruction at least so you and others can blame the Empire. and Three to provoke more fighting between the Empire and the Republic.

This attempt is very obviously just as I said above, bait. which leads me to ask, who are you working for? I am going to guess the Rogue Brutors that provoked this attack, maybe to give them more ammo or reasons to attack the Mandate and Empire. course what do I know. I’m just a Girl living off in my own area of space building ships.

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That is a very interesting reading of what I said, to the point that one must wonder if your translator is working correctly.

Ah the Amarr pirate queen, always solving things by “throw my illegitimately gained isk at it”.

Tribal survival is a nice catch-all, it gives you the option–without dishonesty of omitting anything and everything you feel is counter-productive to it.

As for the inducement… the value of means is what you can accomplish with it; please, share the grievances you have with the destination I lent my advocacy to?

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