Wanted: Brutor Vanguard Encrypted Data

To any who recovered either the Encrypted Ship Logs or Encoded Data Transmissions left in the wrecks of the Brutor Vanguard Nafalgars destroyed above Tanoo II today, please contact me for terms of transfer. I am willing to offer a reward or otherwise negotiate for them to be brought into my possession, the possession of another Amarr loyalist or Imperial authority.


Nope. Not this time.

Contact me and I’ll double his offer as long as it is reasonable. Though given who I’m competing with I guess I should prepare for unreasonable.


I don’t think you’ll be doubling any offers

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Maybe not. But I will.


I assure you my pockets are surprisingly deep, but I see your bid went to straight ludicrous. Can’t help that some people have more money than sense it seems.


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