Encrypted Message - Thoun Gaterou - Re: Eugales Situation

(( the below is an out of character record of an in-character mail, provided as an OOC source, and would not be reasonably referenceable in-character by any player party unless involved directly. ))

Maj. Gen. @Thoun_Gaterau ,

It has been some time. Though we have not, officially, corresponded previously save for brief encounters on the Intergalactic Summit board, and my providing of the Encrypted Data from the EoM Avatar class titan from the Kahah attacks, I am requesting some amount of assistance from you, and your department… as it stands, it would be mutually beneficial for us to coordinate.

As I understand it, the FIO is in process of reviewing activities with CONCORD SARO and DERAIL, and, that would include their ongoing activities in the Pegeler district, and unorganized Eugales system. I’m sure that, despite the FIO’s attention being largely focused elsewhere due to the events of the past year, that your organization has done more than its share of tab keeping as things have continued.

This in mind, with the Federation Senate having passed their recent motion of condemnation, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was any eagerness in being able to regain a foothold in the Eugales system to have a more direct eye on the situation, and the actions of DERAIL, particularly, against Federal Citizens and civilians, though it would not be amiss to document the general activities against other non-memberstate and non-federal colonial entities.

The FIO currently, has open berthing available to them at the Orbital Yard facilities and main platform, should this be of any convenience.

Sincere Regards,

Lauralite Delilah Anne Brezia of House Brezia
Arcology Director
United Neopian Federation

I hope that Encrypted Data turned out to be of use.


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