Regarding the Jita 4-4 Security Breach

Attention, loyal citizens and allies of the State.

As I am sure you are all aware, a recent attack carried out by Guristas-affiliated traitors has seen a large number of Databanks belonging to the Navy stolen. These databanks were then dispersed aboard a swarm of hijacked capsules, which have been found scattered across New Eden and Anoikis.

While I am sure that the Navy’s monetary reward is more than enough motivation to hand that equipment over to them intact, we must not rest and let ourselves be distracted from another outstanding theat.

The suspected ringleader of these disgusting renegades, Wing Commander Esri Hakuzosu, is still at large and her capture is imperative to the proper containment of this security breach.

Having hunted down a number of infiltrators over the past few days, I have noticed that the pirates seem to have taken specific measures to burn out their implants upon apprehension, indicating that they are most likely in possession of valuable information, information that could lead to the timely apprehension of their ringleader, expose still undercover traitors or the location of additional rendezvous points.

To that end, I am extending a public offer to purchase the remains of all apprehended Guristas infiltrators for the price of 1,000,000 ISK per unit*. These remains will be examined by dedicated forensics experts to extract whatever data of value can be recovered, aggregated and relayed to State authorities to take the appropriate actions.

I am confident I can rely on your co-operation in bringing these criminals to justice.

Hivaa Saitsuo, and Glory to the State!

-Col. Remilia Malitia

*Offer only applies to infiltrators that participated in the attack on Jita 4-4 on 7-4-YC124. Remains that show signs of tampering or damage inconsistent with that caused by their observed failsafes may be turned down. Only transfers from non-Upwell stations located within State or Imperial borders will be accepted.


'Fraid not, Remi, lovely!

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I’m honestly not surprised Jita 4-4 suffered a security breach at such a scale. Word on the street is that the State’s undesirables are far too easily smuggled into the station to enjoy what it has on offer. While I anticipate beefier security measures in the short-term, I sincerely doubt they will hold in perpetuity. Jita 4-4 is far too large and dynamic of a place to be managed like a tight ship. Those seeking to exploit the station’s security loopholes will be back in business in no time.

I would like to extend my thanks to all who have contributed thus far by apprehending and delivering some of the pirates’ bodies. The retrieved remains have been securely moved to the Peace and Order station located in Ansila, where analysis has commenced at the hands of a highly trained team of specialists, preliminary reports show that the damage is extensive, but with sufficient suspects they are confident that at least partial data restoration will be possible.

I urge you all to continue supporting this endeavor as we hunt down the remainder of the piratical scum.

Following a series of inquiries from aspiring contributors, I am happy to announce that we will now be accepting cadavers delivered in Pochven as well as the Sanctum constellation.

-Col. Remilia Malitia


Quick update on the investigation. I am very happy with the sheer quantity of evidence I have been able to procure, both delivered by third parties (even listed in the open market at times) and pulled from the wreckage of pilfered capsules by myself.
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Just as with the first bodies, the damage to their implants seems extensive, but sloppy. It appears the failsafe relies on a crude high intensity electric pulse to fry all the inlaid nanocircuitry, rather than a more targeted wipe. While on an individual basis this does indeed perform the intended purpose and leaves any would-be investigators without any usable data, the burns are highly varied, the extent of the damage depending on both the circumstances of the individual pirate’s capsule breach and the layouts of their implanted tech. One particularly promising body has had a significant portion of their cybernetic architecture virtually untouched by it due to a late firing of the failsafe, which was then aborted prematurely upon the capsule’s destruction. The standard TEBS scan damage is present, however, and it is still too early to say if we will be able to pull anything of value from it.

I would also like to formally invite any Navy investigators that may see value in this endeavor. I am more than certain that they are conducting their own investigation as well, and an exchange of findings will certainly be beneficial.

Until further notice, I shall continue supplying this effort with additional forensic evidence.

-Col. Remilia Malitia


Quick update. The bounty on the corpses is now revoked. I’d like to once again extend my sincere gratitude to all who aided in this task.
While no more bounties will be paid out, further donations of valid cadavers will be accepted for a short time.

-Col. Remilia Malitia

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