WTS Guristas Pirates Data Fragment

As title says

The video shares a brief display of the ship’s lower right body I think and also some info like drone bay.

Buyout price : 2.5 B

Please bid here. Thanks.

What are the data fragments for?

As far as I know, these are story items that needs to be collected before the second half of the expansion releases, I think.
However, whether they should be gathered together or remain fine as they are separate is unknown.

I wish CCP would give a Pirate Destroyer BPO upon gathering all data fragments since the videos combined together seem like a blueprint anyway but considering that there’s no Pirate BPOs, I don’t think so. Perhaps, a BPC with 1,000 or more runs would be also good but that’s not happening either I guess.

Anyway, a gift upon collecting all fragments might be good if they wish to make something out of these data fragments. Let’s see what they have in the further expansions when they are released.

Still for sale. Make a bid.

I’ll bid 750m

Would sell for 1 B

Arasaka Research Consortium buys these for 1B and have decrypted most of the videos.
Correct me if i’m wrong.

Set the contract up, i’ll accept it when I log in later on today

One slight change I forgot to write here. The data fragment listed has been sold quite a while ago but I have another one if you’re still interested.

As long as its the Guristas Data one, I don’t mind. Set up the contract

Contract is already up. Thanks.

You rejected the contract. Was something wrong?

I thought I sent you an evemail, now I gotta check who I sent it to. When I logged in there were several contracts assigned to me, and one was for a much cheaper price, so I decided to accept that one instead. I hope you understand and don’t feel slighted by this.

Fly safe

No problem. Have a good day~

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i have also just posted a contract in Jita for one

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