[collection] Encrypted Triglavian Relay Data

Hello, pilots;

Much has been made of a recent ARC investigatory patrol led by Dutchgunner, and I’d like to shed some light and announce a personal initiative drawing from that investigation.

ARC’s objective was to determine how safely pilots in the combat zone could extract the above research data, so that it could provide it to a suitable, neutral third party organization for analysis and dissemination of resulting information. The patrol determined that it is absolutely viable to, without firing on capsuleer or baseliner vessels, secure Triglavian data from recently-uncovered relay facilities. Considering recent news of shifts in Collective behavior, I feel that this data is important enough to merit wider dissemination.

First, on Dutchgunner’s report: the recent patrol verified that pursuit protocols allow a vessel going 2.6 km/s or faster to escape immediate harm, draw off any patrols, and allow for a suitable exploration vessel to secure the aforementioned data with no shots fired on any vessels in the zone. Once all data is collected, patrols temporarily scatter, allowing for the retrieval team to evacuate with no loss of life to any parties. Please note that patrol tactics may change, but that I advise pilot teams to engage in a minimally invasive retrieval however tactics shift.

Second, my call: I am offering 250k isk per item recovered of Encrypted Triglavian Relay Data, hereafter ETRD. This should be well above the translated rate for other goods that are available in trade for the data. However, as SCC markets do not allow for direct sale and trade in this research data, I request issuance via the contract markets in or near major trade hubs.

Once I’ve secured a sufficiently large sample of data, these materials will be rendered to a suitable neutral party for decryption and analysis. Please note that the bounty amount may be adjusted depending on the success of this operation. Likewise, donations are always greatly appreciated.

In service,
Makoto Priano

EDIT: update 17.10.124, current bounty 250k/item. Bounty will be adjusted after initial quota met to 200k, stepping down progressively based on consultation with accounting and project parties.


Makoto, Makoto, Makoto. Do you really not care about your organization’s reputation? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you when you say that you didn’t attack the Navy. Just simple breaking-and-entering and theft of State property, then.

But do you really believe the mercs you’re enticing with this bounty are going to likewise refrain from attacking the Navy? I don’t think you do.

The ends justify the blood, I suppose.



Given the clear demonstration in Turnur of the risk of partisan acquisition of technology, acceleration of our schedule is paramount.

While the collection effort is on-going, the first shipment of encrypted Triglavian relay data will shortly be underway to the Society of Conscious Thought for analysis. Given the Society’s role on the Inner Circle, it is our hope that informing their efforts may provide a necessary counterbalance to the increasingly partisan and potentially disastrous pursuit of Triglavian technology for war-fighting purposes.

In service,
Makoto Priano


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