[news] Republic Fleet Requests CONCORD Help in Search for Missing Ship in Molden Heath

Without getting into the politics of it, this looks like an active search and rescue operation. We’ll be flagging Signal Cartel for assistance, and have already begun directing pilots to search the region. Many hands, light work, etc.

One can’t help but wonder why one ship warrants the effort, but if it’s newsworthy…


The news say it is a naval vessel, so obvious reasons would be A) it was testing something, B) carrying something the Fleet does not want to end in the wrong hands.

Unfortunately I am currently grounded possibly for weeks, for reasons I prefer not to elaborate at this time, so I cannot join the search. And I’m a tad ticked off about that, but oh well.

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For better or worse, there’s more to life than the pod. That said, Teinyhr, your assessment seems on the mark.

Also, pilots, ARC is authorizing a 5 billion ISK bounty for successful retrieval and return of the vessel to appropriate authorities, intact.


If need be, Muttokon Containment and Staging - established during the Kyonoke crisis - can be made available to non-hostiles performing search and rescue in the area. ARC personnel will of course be considered hostile, given ARC’s members having continuously and repeatedly performed active combat operations within Republic space against Republic aligned forces. (Evidence of which is on public record, and pretty unquestionable as such)

Should ARC wish to establish a position of actual neutrality, those combat operations would obviously have to cease.


So can you scan it down? With combat probes or somethin? Then get rewarded?

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Probably. But ARC’s reward will probably be bigger than what the Republic or CONCORD will offer.

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No idea. We have next to no information on this. That’s the current operating theory, however.

And yes. 5b ISK bounty offered for retrieval of the vessel, and transfer to an appropriate authority: in this case, the CONCORD colonel or the Republic Fleet.

Notably, @Teinyhr, this reward is being offered for return to those powers. So, I’m sure CONCORD or the Republic will give a pat on the shoulder and possibly a shiny medal, and we’ll front ISK to help with capsuleers’ natural avarice.


It doesn’t.

The passengers. The cargo. The payload. Now then. Those warrant this effort.

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Fair point.

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I can confirm that Signal Cartel is in the region and searching.


At this point, multiple teams have performed multiple full sweeps of the region with directional scanners, combat probes, etc. There’s absolutely every possibility that the ship was abandoned at a deep safe, or was engaged at a deep safe, and probe geometry missed it or its wreckage. Similarly, a scout did check the Drifter-held system on the far side of a Drifter-stabilized wormhole, and found no wreckage there.

Without further information on what exactly we should be looking for, there’s no guarantee that there’s in fact anything to find, or that the ship wasn’t lost during a Republic Fleet excursion into Triglavian territory, which would mean the wreckage would be, well, elsewhere.

If more information comes to light, we’ll do what we can to spread it.

The bounty stands at 5 billion ISK for retrieval and return to appropriate authorities. An additional bounty of 2 billion for verifiable information leading to the retrieval and return of the vessel, if possible, is also being offered.

In the case that the vessel has been destroyed, recovery of personnel and material and its return to appropriate authorities will merit similar consideration.


Make it 6 and 3. Money’s already in your wallet.




I find it very intriguing too that we have no more information about what ship type, or anything about the ship purpose, and surprising that Republic Fleet needs help in search of a missing ship…
This would be like an interesting holoreal.

Might be useful to check Jove Observatories (just to be sure but probably useless) and truely wondering about ship missing because it went :

  • anywhere it shouldn’t have gone (say Trig space)
  • or made a bad encounter “anywhere” (encountered who ? Trigs ? Drifters ? Drones ? anyone else ?)

That’s a lot of unknown about an unknown ship and its unkown cargo/crew or purpose/mission. They told too much to say not more about this ship. Republic Fleet should give us more details.

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I checked the JO for that reason

I also checked a few drones nest, hoping that the vessel would have been recovered by the drones.
I even went to Triglavian space from the region.

but nothing strange or unusual :confused:


I’m wandering round scanning to see if there are any new signatures or anything that pops out.

Nothing yet? I wonder why could it be lost.

Destroyed? Hijaked? If Hijacked, it could be anywhere now. :disappointed:

Or maybe used Abyssal filament? I that case finding it would mean jumping into Abyss and relying on luck in searching for it.

well, we don"t even know if there is something to be found.
It’s concord that got called. maybe we can’t even get to where the ship is (if it’s the ship that we are looking for)


Ah! My thanks, Ms. Culome. If there isn’t any payout, the funds’ll be returned.

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Some info have been released yet it answer nothing of the missing ship.