Caldari Prime and the Legion contract

Hey, we’ll all end of up dead. Just a question of what happens between here and there.

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The trick is to never wind up all dead AT THE SAME TIME.

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True. That would be inconvenient.

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Considering the current atmosphere of relative stability and the hopeful cycle of reduced factional conflict on Caldari Prime (Luminaire VII).

Perhaps it is time for Material Acquisition and Ishukone Corporation to assume directly the ‘services’ currently provided by the Legion.

To guard Caldari from Gallenteans on Caldari Prime for real they shall simply help us to remove Gallenteans.

No occupants - no problem.

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To guard Caldari from @Diana_Kim on Caldari Prime for real they shall simply help us to remove @Diana_Kim


Unlike you, I actually guard citizens of the State. But if you want to hurt Caldari, go ahead, come and try to remove me. Lets see how much you worth, or all you can do is bark on forums at protectors of the State? Will you dare to face me in space, or will just keep licking gallente boots by spreading nonsence about State soldiers with your filthy tongue?

I’ll be waiting. Maybe. Maybe not, considering I know your types can provide nothing except bare words.

I, for one, have never really got the whole “boot licking” thing that some people go on about. It just doesn’t make any sense as a metaphor.

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In certain cultures the leaders of peoples defeated in battle would be made to “kiss the feet” of their conqueror as a sign of submission.
Presumably “boot licking” implies they’re doing this willingly.

That description is also wonderfully close to being an accurate description of the other kind of bootlicking.


There is an old story, likely a myth, of a Sebiestor clan chief facing a foreigner demanding that he kissed his feet. The Sebiestor clan chief obeyed, grabbing the foreigner by the ankle, dangling him from it as he smooched the foot thoroughly. What happens next differs depending who tells the story, but the lesson tends to be “be careful what you ask for.”


Cleaning gallente boots with a tongue by using this tongue to spread all sort of slanders and libel about gallente enemies.

I’d believe if that story was about a Civire, who are known both for strength and resolution. But about someone from a nation that is so easily submitted and actually was kissing Amarr boots for hundreds of years? Impossible. Absolutely made up.

Well, go visit the Amarr on Pator, their occupied section is sprawling after all…



Remind me again which one of us has uncontested control over our homeworld?


Ooo, I know the answer to this one…

It’s the Ealurians !

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Can you imagine how badly someone asking about the Legion protecting the Matari on Pator would get laughed out of the room?


We are fighters, not slaves. Even facing outnumbering enemy we stood undefeated, and left our homeworld just not to submit to gallentean agressors. A nation of former slaves will never understand us. While your ancestors chose to stand on their knees just for invaders to spare their pathetic lives, our chose to fight.

We came back for our homeworld and we took it, it was the most successful military operation known so far to New Eden. And even if gallente invaded it again, we will come again and take it back. Because WE ARE CALDARI. We always come back.

They also fought and took back their freedom. They also didn’t settle for their assailants living with them mutually on their homeworld. Say what you will, but, don’t call us weak.

How about that second invasion of Pator with Titans in orbit.

I don’t criticize your people, respect ours.


Yeaaaaah, no. Definitely not the most successful military operation known to New Eden. You took a single objective you couldn’t hold. Then, when the people with the real power in the system pushed back, you negotiated a peace that left operational control in the hands of mercenaries.

And I don’t see how you expect that to not be the end result, unless you’re willing to forcibly extend the State’s supply lines deep into Federation space. Best-case scenario, the State can conceivably get the planet declared an extraterritorial enclave—basically, an embassy—but even that will always be at the sufferance of the Federation. You simply can’t hold it if they don’t let you. Luminaire’s just too far from the real military power of the State, and too central to the power structure of the Federation.


It’s not about the strength. It’s about the resolution and behavior when you lack the strength.

Of course, it’s better to be just “Stronger than everyone”, but in reality - there is always someone who is stronger. And our people - we just refuse to submit. We’d better fight outnumbered, retreat and regroup, or simply commit suicide just for enemy not to enslave us.

As for the settling, I hope you do know already that many of us will keep the fight, until there is no Gallente on Caldari Prime. It’s not a settling, it’s just temporary occupation. We’ll take it back.

After all, we didn’t make something like “Galdari Mandate”, right? :sunglasses:

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