Thank you, CalMil

(Arrendis) #1

On behalf of approximately 1,500 road-weary capital pilots today, I’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the men and women of the Caldari Militia for their assistance. CalMil has once again demonstrated their deep and abiding friendship to the swarm.

Due to considerations of operational security, of course, details must remain confidential.

(Yarosara Ruil) #2

Well, wasn’t that sweet of the Caldari, helping the Imperium and all that!

At least it wasn’t Pandemic Horde. Grr…

(Pieter Tuulinen) #3

I would be willing to give Molok himself a favourable mention at a shareholder’s meeting if he were fighting against the Gallente.

(Arrendis) #4

We didn’t bring any, sorry. Won’t report on Chemoshes or Dagons, though.

(James Syagrius) #5

The enemy of my enemy… can get rather confusing.

(Sinti Vailatti) #6

Wait, what?

Caldari Militia is helping the Bees?

Where’s Gutter Press when we need them?


Where’s Diana Kim?!?

(Arrendis) #7

I feel like I should clarify:

a)Diana’s aware of exactly what’s been (and will continue to be) going on.
b)CalMil is not extending to us any special favors. But when someone does something that makes your life easier, it’s polite to say thank you.

(Vincent Pryce) #8


(Arrendis) #9


(Vincent Pryce) #10

:tripletsparrot: The Parrot Carrtel approves of your reply :tripletsparrot:

(Diana Kim) #11

Where am I? Just sitting here, giggling at this clownade. Besides, why would you ever mention me in here?

(Nitshe Razvedka) #12

They are green with envy no statues will be erected in their honour. You are unique in Caldari, and as such need no special mentions in such minor communications.

(Arrendis) #13

They’re hoping to get you all worked up in shock and outrage. But, since you know perfectly well what was happening, and knew about it at the time, there’s no reason for you to be shocked or outraged.

On the other hand, :fedo::poop: abounds.