Capsuleer Corruption: Calling Out the Enemies of Humanity

As all of you know by now, the Triglavians are assaulting worlds in the four empires, looking for places to establish themselves and assault our systems and worlds. As you all also know, capsuleers are helping them en mass and neither CONCORD nor the empires are taking appropriate action against those who decide to help the Triglavians. It seems matters will need to be taken into our own hands.

It seems that the large alliance, Test Alliance Please Ignore is helping the Triglavians in an organized way, so that’s a colossal amount of capsuleers that have outed themselves as enemies of humanity.

Additionally, between a couple systems, I’ve gathered a list of Capsuleers who were actively helping the Triglavians. Next to their name is their alliance or their corporation if they don’t have one. I will remove the corporation or alliance next to a capsuleer if their leadership contacts me and confirms that the capsuleer has been removed for helping the Triglavians. We need to do what we can to never let these people settle back into civilized society of any sort. They’ve ceased to be human. They are monsters.

Without further ado, here’s my current list of the scum-sucking pieces of ■■■■ who’ve declared war on humanity: List has been moved to an external galnet page due to size


Why am I not surprised.


Can’t wait to hear them explain away his involvement. Undercover mission, perhaps?

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No, Viriel actually bragged about helping them on the Summit.

He’s actively helping them.

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Then it’s beheading at dawn!


That’s quite an extensive list. What do you plan on doing about it?

I have no delusions about being able to single-handedly take down every single capsuleer and group listed.

What I will be doing is setting the ones who weren’t already red, red, start researching them and go after the ones I think I can damage one at a time.

I also urge others to do the same.


Thank you for this Elkin. I’ll be sure to pass it on to Ishukone-Raata leadership so they can adjust standings accordingly.


And in all seriousness, I’ll be speaking to ARC leadership about a few of the names.


While I applaud the effort, and UNF is actively in support of EDENCOM at this time, I think it may be just a tad hyperbolic to say ‘enemies of humanity’ regarding capsuleers siding with the Triglavian Collective.


Obviously, I cannot speak for TEST, but I imagine their goals have less to do with the Triglavians and more with destabilizing pockets of highsec in the hopes that it will open up more routes for capital transits. If it does, this may become the norm among null blocs.

Alternatively, if EDENCOM makes it worth their while, we may see groups from the blocs working to oppose the Trigs, and so doing, get their hands on rarified commodities. Lastly, we cannot rule out the possibility of direct collusion to pursue both agendas at the same time: curry favor and materiel from EDENCOM by prolonging the Trig invasions and thus turning in more ‘scalps’, as it were.


Regardless of their reasoning, they’re helping the Triglavians against humanity.

How…? They’re literally siding with the collective in their fight against humanity.


Because the collective are part of humanity perhaps?


I’m not disagreeing with you, just offering a caution about what might happen… and possibly a way to convince them to do otherwise: if it’s worth their while, they’ll shoot the Trigs.

So are Sansha’s Nation.


This is indeed a fair statement.
Note I am not saying to not oppose the invasions though. Was just addressing the bit about why they might not be enemies of humanity… though this of course does require one to believe in the common origin theory.

Bold of you to call humans versus humans “against humanity”. TEST are just as human as you. Likely, so are the Triglavians, no matter how much you might wish to moan and complain otherwise. Your hyperbolic whining will accomplish nothing, Elkin.

Thank you.


Zorya Triglav sent us a message asking for help, we accepted.

I will not pretend to know their motives, but I can tell you I trust Zorya more then the empires.

A new era has begun, try and stop it if you dare. But remember, concord can’t save you where we are.


So I don’t know exactly at which point the activity tracker started counting, but here are my navigation statistics as listed by it. I really don’t know why so many people seem to think I’m a high-sec focused pilot when I call out their ■■■■■■■■…

Before the activity tracker was added to the Neocom, it would have been more tilted towards low sec.

Anyway, I don’t really care about what you think of incompetent governments. What about the people who live in the empires?


At least, Sansha’s Nation appears to be siding with the more human half, surprisingly, since they have shown up to fight the Triglav in Raravoss.