Capsuleer Corruption: Calling Out the Enemies of Humanity

you sure they aren’t there just to snatch and chip more people during the confusion?

You’ll understand, I didn’t stay to ask and have tea with them. But they did shoot trigs (and capsuleers.) I give them no altruistic motives.

Huh. I find irony in the complaining about humans betraying humans. Capsulering is an opportunistic career, it always has been since New Eden was open to us. It doesn’t matter who wins this war in the long run, the only thing that will change is who holds the chains and who collaborates with the slaver.


Sounds delusional…


Yet their message was so vague you basically don’t even know what exactly it is you’re helping them do.

The “pro-triglavian” people are delusional. They think they are siding with someone, but that someone is so badly understood they don’t even know what they are trying to accomplish. It is not pro-trig, it is anti-everything-else.

The only conceivable motivation is wanting to watch the world burn - this "taking sides¨ is no more than an act of mindless destruction.

Depressing, really.


Money. Building a supercapital highway through the empires. Access to materials and blueprints to build very effective ships for other conflicts.

Let’s be clear here: they’re being short-sided and foolish, but ‘wanting to watch the world burn’ isn’t their only motivation. If you want them to stop, knowing why they’re actually doing it is critical.


Interesting developments…

As a corporation, Alexylva Paradox has yet to take an official stance on this war. Or at least, one that I’ve heard of, and I would have heard it right? The war has come as a shock to me at least, and I feel that many others in the Network share similar feelings of shock at the scale of this war. Though some of our research had indicated the Anoikis static network was perfectly situated for an invasion of known space by ancient races, we never even had heard of let alone explored Abyssal space. As a fairly anarchistic collective (a confusing concept for the unlinked, I’m sure), individual pilots within our group have taken up either side of the conflict. In fact, it’s about fifty-fifty as far as pilots who have bothered to leave Anoikis to engage in the war. Many are still scared or shocked, or fearful of angering either side, and so don’t get involved.

The Network and Board of Coordinators is still resolving this development…I feel like this war may bring about civil strife among many groups of capsuleers.

It should also be noted, for the record, that the Origin Colonial Authority itself is a small civilian government that is comprised of many baseliners in its own right, and maintains a stance of neutrality (both de facto and de jure) at present time.

Of course Origin is welcoming refugees of the war (and of all wars, as always), and some of ALXVP’s pilots have dedicated themselves to search and rescue among the chaos.

Three paths, essentially. Anarchist collective indeed.


And getting these is just guesswork.

But fine, it’s not only wanting to watch the world burn, it’s wanting to watch the world burn while wishing there’s something in it for them. Wishing, not knowing. The trigs have promised them nothing and unless someone has some under-the-counter access to info not generally available, we understand ■■■■ all about their long-term plans for the systems.


I think that you’re entirely right. The Triglavians are so poorly understood that these pro-Triglavian pilots are projecting their problems with the empire governments and CONCORD onto them. They’re making the Triglavians into their own image and assuming the world they want is the world the Triglavians want. They know nothing about what the Triglavians want.


I believe this is an important point at the present juncture. Little about the Triglavians’ culture and intentions is understood at this time. While there is a great deal of–at times justified–anger at the Four Empires, it is not sensible to simply side with whomever arrives and starts firing on their vessels.

Should the Triglavians’ conquest of the cluster be total, Four Empires would be traded for one. And what do these supporters know of that single power? Little beyond that it plans to make war on the existing powers. Whatever issues one may have with the current power structure of the cluster, the saying “better the devil you know” is not wholly without merit. The Triglavians could complete their conquest and simply proceed to wipe out all of our civilization, whole cloth, including those who assisted them. Or they may not. The point is simply that we do not know, and so to support them at this time is to map your own desires and goals onto a foreign power you do not understand.

Ms. Elkin, thank you for the work you have done in compiling a list of the pilots who are actively supporting this invasion. I hope you will continue to do so, and that others assist in building this list, which I hope will not grow to be too large. The problem of the madness, greed, idiocy, or some combination of these that has led to these decisions should be addressed. Make no mistake, she is not being “overly dramatic” by referring to these people as enemies of humanity. This is a struggle we will win or lose together, and these people have taken a stand against everything we know.


You do realize Triglavians are human descendants like the four main factions, only older.

Go read the Triglavian lore and learn the facts instead of scaremongering.

Even on the off-chance the Triglavians are literally human (and I’ve not seen any evidence of such released by CONCORD or the empires), they lost their humanity long ago.

They really haven’t told us much about themselves and we see by their actions, but they’re invading us. Are you really alright with surrendering systems, full of people on each of the planets, to these invaders?

What makes you think ‘everything is just fine?’

We apologize for any hiccups in the fluid router network as of late; the system has been buggy and in need of an overhaul. Thank you.


How dare you add my name to this list, That is an insult to those who have sacrificed their lives in the Mission by Me And my allies to gain a deeper understanding of the Triglavian Command and Control Infrastructure so that when the day comes, We can ultimately tear them Limb From Limb and Purge them from New Eden.

You don’t get to be judge, jury, and executioner to all the people who live on the planets in the invaded systems. Just beat them and you won’t need to learn more about their infrastructure or sacrifice civilians.


No need to apologize. If what I’m seeing in the cluster lately is any indication, you’re doing a better job than most of CONCORD even with these ‘bugs’.


Then will you stand here, And apologise to all those who die, When a greater threat from the Triglavians comes forth from the abyss, Causing more death and destruction, But was entirely preventable If only we had people on the inside working to break down the C&C.

I’m confused. Is that the Amarrian approach to the Triglavians or Minmatar?