Normally for me wrecks don’t present much of a problem, it’s just a case of sweeping them up after systematically destroying large numbers of NPC’s.
Then my game play evolved into more PVP and things outside of high sec and suddenly these wrecks were not all owned by me according to the law,
This presents potential dangers which mostly don’t occur if you don’t eat yellow snow.
Gate guns might decide not to protect you or even open fire on you because of something depraved you did to a wreck.
Then you have fleets. The status of the wrecks are legal maybe and you are perhaps allowed to do something with a wreck that is owned by someone in fleet.
This is where it gets confusing and potentially more devastating because if you are doing a fleet op in high sec and one of the fleet members DC’s what happens if you accidently aggress one of those wrecks ?
And if those wrecks are dangerous would they show in yellow ?

Personally I think all wrecks should be ‘free for all’, after all they’re just scrap & loot anyway.

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Wrecks are FFA, loot is not. You can salvage yellow wrecks but can’t take loot without going yellow.

You must become criminal to get fired by gate guns. Looting yellow wrecks don’t make you criminal. Shooting do (as per article below).

Also, put your safety to yellow or green and you are safe from being concorded.

Yeah but not everyone lives in high sec, so you go to high sec to do some mining or some missions and you get concorded for shooting a wreck that belongs to someone in fleet who has DC’d ?
And I guess you don’t even have to shoot it, you have all these wrecks targeted you activate just about any module other than a salvager by accident, web target painter neutraliser nosferatu ecm. ect …
and even in a mining op you need something fitted to kill the rats.

I guess it is to stop you just following someone destroying all their loot but does it need to be instant death for shooting a wreck sure a sec status hit is enough to prevent someone from permanently doing it ?

Put your safety to yellow or green…

I wasn’t suggesting shooting it, I meant anyone should be able to loot it with, perhaps, a killright given to the original owner, but no response by Concord or gate-guns.

Well I was salvaging wrecks and concord attacked me I could see nothing in the logs other than criminal timer activated, the wrecks were all white no yellow wrecks, no other player on grid. I don’t know for sure what activated concord but I think it is something to do with wreck mechanics.
It’s just
Wreck Salvaged Successfully
Wreck Salvaged Successfully
Wreck Salvaged Successfully
Wreck Salvaged Successfully
Wreck Salvaged Successfully
Wreck Salvaged Successfully
Wreck Salvaged Successfully
Criminal Timer Activated
1000000 GJ Neutralised - Concord Commander

Normally you can see the name of the pilot you offended next the the timer flag but nothing

Just change your safety settings and game shouldn’t allow you to do actions that result in becoming criminal

You either striped log, posted parts of it or don’t have combat messages enabled in log since there is no incoming damage registered from concord. I’m 99% sure that you just shoot can/wreck with guns not salvager while not using basic mechanics as safety settings.

No there was damage they just neuted first

I was in a mining ship I have no guns to shoot the wrecks

I’m using mining drones so no combat drones either

But it is possible I webbed a wreck

I just think its balls that CONCORD have decided that salvaging any wrecks is ok but shooting them is counted as murder.


Not murder

Cargo containers and wrecks are considered valid property just like drones and ships. If a player damages either, they are initiating aggression on its owner. If this attack does not occur under legal circumstances, then this will warrant CONCORD response.

Again, I don’t understand why use red safety in hisec in mining barge. Instead of concord on top of you, you would only get error message…

And you think that makes sense compared to how if I cut it up and up it in my pocket thats fine?

So why does CONCORD think its ok for me to take “your” wreck with a salvager but not your ship or drone.

Its BS and you know it.

just like firing at players MTU is OK and at the wrecks is not. :slight_smile:
But I can live with it, this is EVE, otherwise it would be too boring.

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Then, why stealing loot is also not a instant concord?

You can live with it and use mechanics provided by game to not get concorded (safety settings). But OP decides to ignore that and just complain. That attitude won’t go thru, to CCP.

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Yeah I mean, its not a problem, just damn annoying sometimes.

Shooting any wreck, which does not belong to you personally, gets you CONCORDed.
Any wreck that is not white you can not access without going suspect.

It’s actually really simple:

Don’t eat the yellow snow …
… and don’t shoot it when it’s not your own.

To reiterate:

It doesn’t matter if he’s in fleet or not.
You’re not allowed to shoot someone elses wrecks, including blue ones.

How would one then steal any loot …
… when taking it means instant destruction?

Then, why shooting it means instant destruction? it’s BS as stated above, but we must live with it…

My likely good guess is that no one at CCP looked at this since it got implemented.