Wrecks ownership

Hi, i have a question about the mecanic of wrecks ownership.
I read the EVE online Web support section named Container-and-Wreck-Ownership about that subject.
What they mention (amonts others things) :
“When taking is not stealing”
“This is only legal if the owner of the container has given the player a personal standing of 10”
Fine, let test that with my uncorp alt.
I set excellent personnal standing for my alt vs my main and vice versa (both mutually have excellent standing +10)
I was finishing a mission for my alt but all the wrecks were yellow…
Any idea why? I am missing something?
Thank you and sorry for my english

Wrecks will belong to the individual or to the fleet, if your alt is fleeted he can take them.

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Well, if that so it explain everything.
No other choice but to corp my alt then…
Edit : Thanks

Players can remove their ownership from individual wreaks or all wreaks in the area. This turns them into blue abandoned wreaks.

If your alt is in your fleet AND in space in the same system then he will be able to loot the wrecks without getting a criminal flag. If your alt cannot be online at the same time as your main, you might choose to just abandon all your wrecks.


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