Bug ? hack?


i farm nest but a strange player come, steal all my wrecks and i can’t engage ? Why ?

Is in HS. This guy already made it with other player.
He come, he steal wrecks and impossible to engage.

Steal wrecks? By salvaging maybe? Salvaging is not stealing. If he takes loot from inside of your wreck, then you can engage.

If he left the loot in boxes he did not steal anything. Salvage is not theft.

Wrecks do not belong to anyone. They are free game, therefore it is not theft. You could have still engaged him, if you hadn’t had your protection button set to green, or yellow. Of course, the consequences you’d need to be willing to accept.

totaly steal wreck he take all in wreck.
1- i kill npc
2-he go fast on full wreck
3- he steal all items in wreck.

no concorde, can’t engage…

Whats your safety set to?

If he was in range and stil in site, not jumping out, than maybe a bug?
Someone had this bug with jump cloak few days ago:

Maybe this player got it too and decided to exploit it.

Safety even set to green allows you to engage suspects.

You have to differentiate between wrecks and loot, otherwise we don’t know what you are talking about.
So he actually stole your loot, not just the wreck. I see.

What does this mean?

No jumping, nothing he was at 10km to me and not moving only for steal wrecks when i kill npc.

i mean i read in local other players say the same thing to me. “Wreck stealer can’t engage”

if you want to find the strange guy go to Hapala 0.9 and nearby sytem.

Lol, as someone who “steals” wrecks all the time … he likely just got top damage on the overmind (like I’m doing 95% of the time). I see a lot of people don’t understand what actually happens, there were even two who engaged me with switched off safety, only to end as a kill mail.


wrong he never hit. wreck are withe is mine 100%

Then you may be messed up your overview … because if he loots “your” white wreck, you can freely engage regardless of your safety settings. If he just salvages your wreck (don’t touch the loot), this is not a crimewatch sanctioned act, and totally legal.

There is no grey, it’s clear rules.

it’s was i said…
He jsut steal wreck and i can’t engage. And juste not me other players say the same thing on local.

He never hit.

You just don’t understand what happens. If you are in doubt open a ticket and GM will explain it to you (they can check the logs).

If I have time later, I may pay the system a visit …

he come, he stand near me he did nothing.
i kill npc and he run on wreck for steal.

Maybe now we can steal all wrecks in hs without penalty…

To avoid that he runs or cloaks, always lock the ship before he steals the loot … cloak can be prevented by just standing close enough (<2000m).


So he is not getting suspect timer when he takes from wreck white to you? Maybe you are with him in fleet?

Yeah, but 2000 is also fine :wink:

Anyway 19j is too far … you have to sort it out yourself. Lock him, kill the wreck, have your mouse on the scram/disruptor and klick the moment he loots / gets flashy. If he uses stabs, you may need more scrams / more people.