Someone salvage my wrecks without suspect flag?

I have been gone from the game for a few years, and began playing again couple of days ago; so I’m still ‘re-learning’. Today while mining in high-security space I killed two rats, and approx. 15-minutes later someone in a Porpoise flew into the belt, salvaged my 2-wrecks and flew away without acquiring any sort of flag.

Is this a bug, or some new ‘feature’ that has been implemented in the years since I last played?
And/or could it be related to ‘chat issues’ which seem to be happening this past week (example: yesterday both my local and corporation chat were blank/non-functioning for approx. 2-hours even when near corporation members)?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Salvaging has never resulted in a suspect flag. Looting does though.


Thank you for clarification…my mistake: as I mentioned I am in ‘re-learning’ phase (and hindered by being old/forgetful, ha-ha). Thank you again.


Ninja salvaging and looting is a time honored profession rich in history and prestige.


Kill them, don’t let them get away with taking your salvage.


Keep in mind that people will deliberately try to bait you into shooting them with various actions.

Salvaging gives no flag, looting wrecks/containers or shooting your MTU gives suspect flag, and shooting drones can get you (or them) Concorded.

Until you’re more (re-)familiar with the game, exercise caution when the situation looks like someone else is trying to draw you into combat.


nothing NEW ! salvaging is not looting ! and its not a suspect action !

if you shoot because he salvages 2 wrecks then you have other problems …

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One thing hasn’t change since you took a break, the forums are full of people giving bad advice. Most of them don’t even play the game.

It’s ALWAYS a Trap!

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I know I did!


By logical extension, that would also include you.


Its not as fun as it used to be though.

Back when agents had quality ratings they flooded to the top level 4 quaility systems.

I had some nights in the caladari top level 4 area with several vultures. who then started shooting amongst themselves. Full on ganks or they were many were trying to jet can bait me but they ended baiting each other for kill rights.

Fun times watching a few vultures kill each other.

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Ah, snap!

I remember the first time a level 4 mission runner got mad at me for cleaning up after them.

Called me all sorts of names I can’t repeat here.

It was, very fascinating to see how upset and possessive people get over pixilated space garbage.

To be honest, their over the top reaction to something so mundane and moot is what hooked me to this game.

Kinda like social experiments. “If I do this, what will they do?”

And the range of responses have been from “eye brow raising,” to “down right hysterical,” to “damn, that even surprised me!”

No other mmorpg allows for this kind of open-ended gameplay. It’s a shame people are trying to shut to sandbox and make EvE into another WoW clone.


I only cared when drones dropped minerals. I miss those drops. So nice…

But even then a tristan can’t steal that much. That got taken away and at some point I released them more often than not.

The irony of eve as I came back off over later years. By the time they gave an official loot/salvage ship class…they trashed the loot drops.

THe noctis would have been waaaaay more useful in 2009 than it is now really lol. My salvage/loot dessies made more than that noctis back in the day lol.

To be honest, I think salvage dessies can still out salvage the noctis.

But when I was engaging in salvage/loot ninjing, I used a Heron.

Unfortunately mission baiting as a career was killed off a couple years ago when CCP removed neutral logi from high sec.

you still can do it ! if you know whyt youre doing then you dont need a logi

Of course you can do it. It’s just not profitable.

why not ? you still can kill blinky marauder if you want and if they bite !

then you had the wrong target or choosen the wrong ship !

It’s the best ship for this. You will get shot far less in anything bigger than a frigate. Trust me, I wrote the book on mission baiting. You can still do it, but it’s not a valid career anymore.