Someone salvage my wrecks without suspect flag?

sry bro but only that you had written something doesnt mean youre the expert and you know everyhing !

yes i would assume its not that easy as it was before ! but it can be still a valid career if you want this !

maybe you just didnt adapt enough to be “good” anymore ?

Bait them to shoot your weak ship then bump them with a Mach alt while you reship then blow them up with your strong ship? :thinking: Be creative. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not gonna work nearly often enough. Plus they can just mjd away. I’ve gone so far as to let them pop my ship so I can insta swap from an orca to a bigger ship but this is also too inconsistent. Baiting work needs consistency, scanning for a 4 or 5hr session and only securing 1 kill isn’t good enough.

i could if i would care about HS carebears but i dont ! but you need to remember that every ship has his weaknesses ! find them and kill them ! easy way especaly for HS crablords without knowledge !

btw … i dont need to pfoofe anything ! i know you can easy kill missionrunners if they bite and this is proof enough ! if youre not able to do it then its not my problem

Ah so you’re just a salty bear. Your killboards tell me you have no clue what you’re talking about. Just another nolife troll /ignored

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does i look like a salty bear xD ive got about 10k more kills like you :stuck_out_tongue: so maybe youre the salty bear not me !

yep ! sorry to aggre that youre a no life troll who couldnt adapt to the game and now youre salty as ■■■■ because youre not able to see the ships weaknesses

No, you didn’t.

Also, I think you’re overestimating how much you get shot when doing this. If you’re not capitalizing on every single one you’re not paying your subs with it (and even then I was ransoming people for insane amounts to keep my subs up).

I didn’t say anything about how often this would work and especially enough to support your Omega.

Was just asking if this could work and pointed out creative solutions might exist (even if my scenario specifically is not the solution other creative might exist you just should come up with ways, experiment, refine and maybe come to a solution).

Though wanting it to be so assured that it guarantees your Omega status is unreasonable in my opinion. It is a niche thing and very dependent on luck to work, don’t think it is reasonable to want so much out of it to be a financial guarantee.

Well then maybe you should just do it as a hobby and not expect it to be sustainable. Dunno just a thought.

i´m sure you think way more about yourself then its good for you xD youre not the big one in eve ! the world doesnt turn around you …

one part of your whole post was the right way but with the wrong ship ! you just didnt see it !

Then EZ, suicide gank until you have enough ISK then you can switch to baiting for the rest of the month. :slight_smile:

Why would I bait then? It’s not like the combat was the draw. There’s way better combat elsewhere in the game. The only draw WAS paying you subs with PvP and not having to PvE. My goal is ACTUALLY pirating (ie: for-profit PvP). Baiting isn’t profitable enough anymore.

Oh thought it is your preferred playstyle. In that case nothing of value is lost you just switch from one income source to another. Just like how an industrialist produces different stuff at different times depending on demand. Sometimes one has to adapt and change up things.

It’s just a shame. There used to be such an awesome community of baiters with a deep history together but I guess CCP just wants us ganking vOv.

then you should ask yourself → “why i´m sitting in HS ?” ganking is ganking and not pirating

only your opinion because you are not able to adapt