Salvaging Wrecks that are not yours

What do pilots say about changing the way people salvage wrecks in terms of causing PVP flag if you salvage a wreck that is not yours?

It’s really annoying to have people steal from me all day long with no penalty

Savage faster as there is no such thing as “my wreck” in EVE.


im pretty sure you can salvage any ones wreck, but the loot is what causes someone to go suspect. nothing really worth it in the salvage, unless you are doing it to help someone

…salvaging should make you suspect :thinking:

*adds to list* :spiral_notepad:



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Unless you are running that new content in which CCP placed all the value in the salvage…
There in lies the issue. CCP set the rules when salvage wasn’t the big value, then made content where it was the big value and haven’t addressed the matter.

ah… haven’t really tried any of the new stuff at all with trigs… i thought i remember reading something here about loot being in salvage… if thats the case then yea, they need to flag suspect for stealing salvage, if they can get suspect for loot, they can for salvage.

Excuse me? Then why do ‘my’ wrecks turn yellow to others? I don’t think you thought through your response in a rush to be the the first reply.

We are easily talking 15/20 mil ISK per site now, which is huge.

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Yes please.

it signals that someone else made the final kill. salvage can be taken by anyone, but if there is loot, they will go suspect for taking it, which they have to change safety to yellow to do.

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While I think this should be the case given the change in how important salvage is, I think it’s also important to not shut down salvaging as a profession or require significant extra work, so I would suggest also introducing an auto abandon after 5 minutes or some other short time.
This means that you have to be onto it and bring your salvagers with you if you want to keep it exclusive, which promotes use of the noctis as a fast high skill salvager, while meaning if you are trying to salvage once the field is safe it’s still a free for all.
This makes for a balanced approach to the situation.


CCP has unambiguously stated that wrecks are free to be salvaged by anyone - the mechanic is working as intended. You only own the loot in the wreck, not the wreck itself.

EVE Salvaging support article - see paragraph 3:

The salvage obtained from wrecks is considered free for all. As such, a pilot may attempt to salvage a wreck without repercussions and the first one to successfully salvage the wreck will receive the salvaged components, if any. All other items contained within the wreck will be moved into a jettison container if the wreck is salvaged successfully. Looting such items from the wreck or the jettison container may, however, flag the pilot as a suspect, should they not have the rights to do so.


Yeah people are griefing all day now with this salvage tactic of salvaging others loot. Players friendly to Trigs warp in, sit on your MTU and salvage all your wrecks… take all your isk and CCP wipes their hands clean saying “Yup, this is perfect” ?

It is working as designed - nothing you have in EVE is safe from other players. This is no different from when T2 salvage became a thing - some wrecks are more valuable than the loot the ships can drop, and it is your job to protect your intended assets. Hire a salvager of your own, or invest in a second account to salvage your stuff - don’t expect CCP to change the game for you when there are already solutions you can deploy.

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I agree, then make all wrecks so people can steal loot. Your logic is flawed.

I think it would be a healthy change for wreck salvage legality to obey the same mechanics as loot salvage legality: if it is illegal to loot, it is illegal to salvage (ie. suspect flag)

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As stated above while CCP have said that, it is based on older content and therefore it is reasonable to ask CCP to review that given their trend lately to place more value in salvage.

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You dislike the state of affairs. That doesn’t mean my logic is flawed. CCP has already declared their stance on salvage ownership. You have options to address the situation in-game already.

Except that this isn’t the first time more valuable salvage has been added, as I already pointed out.

Thank you. That’s all im asking. I dont want Concord getting involved, I want the possibility of them turning suspect, so I can kill.