Salvaging Wrecks that are not yours

But none of that in any way says that people shouldn’t ask CCP to change it.
“CCP said this is the way it is” is a stupid thing to say, because we all know that’s the way it is.
People are not complaining it is a bug, people are asking for it to change based on recent added content.

I think it would be a lot more interesting for all parties if the first 5 minutes for both salvage & loot was ‘locked’ aka you become suspect, but after that it is a free for all, including loot. This creates a sense of urgency to salvage & loot without making it a twitch game trying to be the first to click on the wreck.


Your a person that either steal for free or dont like change. Get with the times, things are changing, whether you like it or not. Dont speak for CCP. Im asking a simple and honest question

The OP asked ‘what does CCP say to (this)’?

My answer was CCP’s stated policy as of 05 May 2020 - when they clearly already knew salvage loot changes were coming.

This forum isn’t for asking CCP questions, because you won’t get answers. It’s for proposing changes.

If the OP had put together an actual proposal of changes with mechanics and a value add other than ‘people steal from me and that sucks’, they would receive a full critique. That’s not what this thread is - it’s a thinly veiled complaint about a mechanic that underlies an entire player career.

What do pilots say, read again.

You are both incorrect about who I am, and about me speaking for CCP. I quoted CCP - thus, CCP speaks for itself. I am not a ninja salvager. And I am far from afraid of or against change that is proposed with a reasoned argument and that has the potential to generally improve gameplay for most people.

You haven’t provided any such argument, in my opinion.

Those dates can get updated in response to UI changes on the website, including invisible code behind the webpage, that doesn’t mean that’s actually the date CCP reviewed that policy/FAQ.

As for your claim about lack of argument, I do like how you ignore everyone else and focus on just one person. You really are smelling of harassment here, at the very least you aren’t discussing in good faith.


It’s curious to me that a few pilots are replying with so much hatred or negativity about this subject. If you salvage someone else’s wreck, why not cause a PVP flag. The same as stealing the loot inside the wreck. This needs to be changed IMO. The toxic behavior around it in-game is even spilling into some of the replies here. It sucks.

Editing your OP doesn’t change the premise I replied on.

This pilot says the current salvage mechanics encourage players to actively protect their salvage, instead of trusting it will be there when they are done clearing a room. I like to see players invested in their income streams. If the salvage is where your money is coming from, I believe you should have to work to keep it.

You honestly do not have a valid argument.

“This pilot” is delusional, because there is no practical way to actively defend your salvage currently.
And before you come up with stupid ways, note I said practical.

This is why I made the proposal I did above as that provides a practical way to defend your salvage, while not letting you just sit on it till they despawn.


Well, I mean trust is no more or less relevant than it is now with thieves going suspect with stealing loot. It would be the same thing with “stealing” salvage. If you want to keep it, you have to race for it, except this time there is opportunity to gank/penalize the thieves on one hand and suspect baiting on the other. Works both ways. Additional opportunity for PVP if there was a suspect flag.



I’ve replied directly to two people so far - the OP and you. The OP invited responses by starting the thread, and has since counterpointed me directy via reply, and you also responded directly to me. :thinking: Not sure how that is harassing or arguing in bad faith.

I don’t see any difference in the new salvage loot tables vs the last major loot table update where intact (T2) salvage came out - both added significant value to an otherwise low-value feature. The new value engendered entire new playstyles, and adaptations to counter them. Adding Suspect for wreck salvaging would increase protections substantially, while significantly impairing a PvP playstyle. I am not fond of making EVE safer or lower risk - I believe thay if you (general) want to maximize your income, you need to be prepared to fight for it within existing mechanics instead of crying foul just because now you suddenly care about wrecks.

I dont suddenly care about wrecks. I think the mechanic needs an overhaul, just like everything else they are doing in EvE.

How so? I believe adding a suspect flag would have the opposite effect:

  • Enables owner to legally attack thief whereas this might not have been allowed previously without being CONCORDed = PVP opportunity
  • Enables thief to engage in suspect baiting to trick owner to legally attack them without either party being CONCORDed = PVP opportunity
  • Lower sec status might turn them permaflashy, which makes them constantly fairgame in HS
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Why is doing anything with a second pilot in tow, or with your own salvage drones in play, not considered practical? The former leans on this being a multiplayer game; the latter that if you want to do multiple things, you should for your ship accordingly.

It’s not like the 5 minutes you suggest would consistently solve this issue for the OP, if they are talking about people clearing out the salvage around their MTU - it takes more than 5 minutes for most sites to be cleared, so they would still lose a lot of their salvage under that scheme.

Its a deeper seeded issue rearing its ugly head in the current times.

Who ever said I was trying to protect all of the Ops salvage. You just love to strawman.

Because your salvage drones don’t actually protect your salvage, they are just a clicky race to see who gets there first. (without clicks admittedly which may not be the best thing either).
A second pilot in tow A: Does bad things to site payouts, B: Is part of the suggestion I’m making anyway. And C: Again doesn’t protect the salvage, just takes part in a clicky race.

So…, Yeah, you’ve failed to list a single practical method to protect salvage, just some twitch based races to see who wins, and you’ve attacked my argument over a point we actually agree in.

You clearly aren’t interested in actually reading.


I disagree about the strawman statement based on the OP’s specific point of claim about the situation being the MTU example; reviewing your posted solution against that example is valid. I acknowledge that you disclosed that it still makes things a race; I was addressing specifically the OP’s presented scenario, rather than broader application to all scenarios.

Regarding multiple pilots: nowhere in your suggestion is there anything about additional pilots, so you don’t get to turn around and say I’m arguing against a point you already agreed on - because you never posted that information.

I asked why you considered those two options impractical because you specifically aimed the requirement to provide practical solutions at me, when I had already posted about multiple players in the site. That implies that the multiple player scenario is one you consider impractical. Next time, consider clarifying your intent somewhere in the thread first before you call someone out on not being able to read your mind.

I’ve posted my opinions. I’m not interested in rehashing them or expanding on them when you are apparently more concerned with bashing me than actually having a discussion, as several of your posts toward me have insinuated bad faith on my part with no provocation. I, at least, can agree to disagree about this subject.

EDIT: on fifth re-read of your suggestion, I see where we got to cross purposes - when you refer to ‘bring your salvagers with you’ I read it as the modules (same ship capability), not as players. Perhaps an edit to your suggestion to clarify that detail?

I’d tolerate a short-term protected window, that incentivizes teamwork or adjusting ship fit to optimize your retained wreck value - it ensures players who make a living hunting down abandoned wrecks don’t have to go suspect just to clean up sites. I still would prefer the status quo, because I don’t think it is broken, but that’s a reasonable middle ground.

I would shy away from this and again “Its a deeper seeded issue rearing its ugly head in the current times.”