Salvaging Wrecks that are not yours

You want to try that again? I’m in a good mood so…

The part where I talked about Noctis perhaps?
Like I said. you haven’t been reading.

slow clap Cherry picking arguments and personal attacks stand you in such good stead. You used an ambiguous word (‘salvagers’), leading to confusion about what your suggestion meant with regard to continued solo operation vs use of multiple players. I acknowledged this in my edit posted well before your latests response, but you refuse to acknowledge that in turn and stick with insults.

I’m utterly baffled at your goal post shifting here. Do defend and protect not mean the same thing to you? You’re literally contradicting yourself, all to be able to claim I have failed to read your posts.

And before you come up with stupid ways, note I said practical.

This is why I made the proposal I did above as that provides a practical way to defend your salvage, while not letting you just sit on it till they despawn.

A second pilot in tow A: Does bad things to site payouts, B: Is part of the suggestion I’m making anyway. And C: Again doesn’t protect the salvage, just takes part in a clicky race.

Definitely a hard no.

You ‘own’ the loot in the wrecks and that’s why they belong to you. But the salvage is first come first serve. Regardless if it’s where most of the reward is.

You think you’ve ‘done the work’ that entitles you to rewards. You haven’t. Shooting the ships is half the job. Salvaging is the rest.

Salvagers going suspect will just stop people salvaging and less people taking part in the invasions as a whole.

TIL: You don’t turn suspect when salvaging yellow wreck

And that’s what started this whole argument. CCP added really nice salvage to the wrecks in abyssal sites and ninja salvagers are taking advantage of it.

Hold on, you make the kill and the salvage isn’t yours ? Only the contents ?
When pirates attacked a ship, they took all the contents in the hull and if the ship was still navigable they’d tow it and often added it to their pirate fleet. Clearly, the WHOLE thing became their property, with the choice to sink it or tow it:

" Even though pirates raided many ships, few, if any, buried their treasure. Often, the “treasure” that was stolen was food, water, alcohol, weapons, or clothing. Other things they stole were household items like bits of soap and gear like rope and anchors, or sometimes they would keep the ship they captured (either to sell off or keep because it was better than their ship)."

That salvage mechanic as it stands doesn’t make any sense but then again, starships stopping on a dime in space doesn’t make any sense either. :rofl:

these discussions still go on XD
wrecks aren’t yours.

So salvage it yourself.


No one cares. ‘but real life’ is a bad argument.

Ninja salvaging is good gameplay and a worthwhile profession accessible to new bros. This is yet another attempt by entitled farmers to take away opportunities from others.


No, you don’t care but you can’t speak for the entire community unless you were voted to.

And real life is relevant because the game is played by real-life people and designed by real-life people who have grown up to learn certain things that they have applied as mechanics in the game they have created.

And Piracy applies to EVE as well and is still practiced to this day in real life.

Yes, I’m not arguing that fact.

I’m not trying to take anything from anyone:

Also, I’m not your enemy :grinning:

…but as Eve is purely a game of fiction, they are free to do whatever they want free from “yaar, there be pirates” because you know, that was a big issue a while back.

Opening the “because real life” Pandora’s Box is not something you should go to lightly in a game like Eve…ARMA? Sure…COD? Why not…PUBG? Probably? Super Mario World? NOPE!

On this, i feel i can.

Drawing a comparison between real life and the game is a useful mental aid or inspiration. But not an argument in itself.

The OP is.

I wasn’t arguing anything, you’re the one you responded to my post, not the other way around.

Then respond to the OP, not me.

Feeeelings, nothing more than feeeeeelings…
Feelings are far from reality. I feel that men should kneel before me but just because I feel it doesn’t make it real.

I’m sorry. I thought i took care to press the ‘reply to topic’ button and not to your post.

My post was intended for the OP.

Alright then.

I really can if i want. And let the individuals that don’t agree with that particular sentiment, cause i know they are few, say so and I’ll tell them how they’re wrong or hypocrites.

Of course you can speak for the entire community but it won’t be legitimate, it won’t be cannon.
And the lack of rebuttal from every single member doesn’t validate your statement.

Apology accepted. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect, least of all me.

not so … salvage was very high value but only empty wrecks could be salvaged … this was unpopular so that requirement was removed and ccp let the chips fall where they may and people have been crying about ‘salvage thieves’ ever since .

They are not a thief if the salvage is open to anyone.


The rules of salvage ownership are changing?

Citation, perchance?

Ninja salvaging is not “participation” any more than vermin feasting on corpses littering a battlefield are contributing to a war effort.

It is and should/would continue to be a thing

False: suspect flag introduces PVP opportunity, not deterrence:

Even if it was a deterrence… who are the carebears/krabbers here? The ones who want the phat lewt without the PVP - those are the carebears/krabbers. If you want the goods, be willing to fight for them just like everyone else did to turn the ship into a wreck to begin with. “Touch my ■■■■, and I’ll kill you” - this is the way of EVE. One man’s trash is another man’s PVP legality flag.

Now that wrecks drop valuable items you want to change it so that’s it’s yours only ? For a long time very few even cared.