People salvaging wrecks that are still yours

How is it that people can salvage a wreck that is still yours without going yellow or red?
This seems like a bug… Right ?

This is not a bug and has worked like this for years.


This should be no different than steeling from a can… and mark them as a fair target for destruction…
I want my salvage I earned it through killing the other ship / drone, it is mine and belongs to me.
If you want it you should have to fight to get it if I do not “Abandon” the wrecks.

Salvage isnt yours. Loot is. If they loot your ship then they get suspect. But salvaging a ship has no consequences. Cleaning trash up


The loot is yours, but anyone can salvage any ship.

If someone is salvaging your ships you have a few options:

  • salvage faster, before they do
  • kill them (but incur CONCORD wrath if they aren’t suspect)
  • create new wrecks elsewhere and hope the salvaging pilot doesn’t follow
  • salvage someone else’s wrecks
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I like to salvage, too, but don’t be too fond of salvage, usually it’s not worth the hassle.
But if you want to do your business without interruption, try to find some remote systems. I’ve never met any scavenger in outer Derelic or Heimatar, but close to Jita this regularly happens.