Shooting Looters

We currently have people stealing other’s wrecks in the thick of the battle.

The wreck owner should be allowed shoot at the looter if the looter is in the process of salvaging a wreck belongs to the player and the wreck has not been abandoned. It’s like the looter consents to a PvP with the wreck owner while s/he is salvaging the ‘yellow’ wreck.


Please refer to the current ongoing topic:

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The salvage does not belong to you. What makes you think that it does?


Apparently, nothing belongs to you (since Forsaken Fortress).

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You do not own the wreck you only own the loot inside.
You cannot say that people are stealing.


Salvaging =/= looting.

Salvaging equates to mining a wreck.


Your personal opinions aside the game allows this.

Salvage is not loot

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