A data point in the whole 'who owns a wreck' debate

I had always seen this debate off-and-on - does the killing shot result in ownership of a wreck, or most damage done?

I’m not claiming to know what gives ownership of a wreck. BUT - I have a data point, my first, to tell me what it isn’t - the killing shot.

Today I was hopping around doing event sites, and encountered a site where the BS was down to about 2-3% armor and 3-4% hull. There was no other player in local. I flew up with my piddly little Jackdaw and fired off a volley to finish it off.

The wreck was yellow. Please keep in mind I’m not complaining at all. I was actually excited to see this phenomena first-hand (finally!).

So, that’s pretty much it. Wanted to toss a data point out there that I can absolutely confirm:

  • I killed a ship that was almost, but not entirely, dead - delivering the final shot
  • No one else was in local
  • The wreck was not mine

I’m sure many of you will chime in with jibes that this has always been known, but believe me - I’ve seen many people (forums, blogs, in-game) who believe wholeheartedly that killing-shot-owns-wreck. What I just saw tells me “Not necessarily.”


The “most damage done” defines the wreck’s owner.


It’s overall damage during the combat flag of the rat, not final blow. We used to do a trick to make people go suspect that relied on this principal.

Did it involve scanning down mission runners? :smile:

Loot and tractor rights arent wreck ownership.

What debate ?

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I wonder why, then, does the the player with the Final Blow in PvP get the KM, and not always the player with the most damage…

Because otherwise I would not be able to piss off war deccers by stealing their killmails. : - )

With regard to wreck ownership, as it turns out, the precise mechanics are documented on our support site. Normally, NPC wrecks are owned by the player who did the most damage, unless they were spawned by a mission, in which case the wreck is owned by the player who picked up the mission. PvP wrecks are owned by the destroyed pilot:

Regarding the question of who receives a killmail in a PvP situation, that does not necessarily follow the same rule.

Edit: Who receives a kill mark on a ship, however, is documented on our support site too: in this case it’s the character who delivers the final killing blow. Presumably the killmail goes to the same character.


Unless its a mission site, because then wreck ownership is automatically granted to the mission runner

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Because killmails predate wrecks :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not that specific trick no, needs belt or anom rats :blush:

@CCP_Darwin -

A sincere thanks for adding authoritative information supported by links. Not only did you answer my question - I think you’ve demonstrated why there has been confusion over time - different rules are applied in different situations.

Thanks again for the clarification(s)!

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Most damage? So waiting for that swarm overmind or that Outuni Mesen to hit armor before unloading alpha on it is pointless? Or does wreck ownership /= who has rights to the event loot or wins an incursion contest?

Based on what’s in that article, if you are competing with another player for ownership of the wreck of an NPC that drops loot, you’ll definitely want to start applying damage as early as possible.


And people say CCP don’t read the forums or interact with the community here


It goes to whoever landed the final blow because in the grand scheme of things, they were the one who successfully landed the killing blow, irrespective of how much damage they’ve dealt.

Oh so it’s really not last-hit for wreck ownership. Thanks for clearing that up! Now if only I could get a firm answer on how incursion contests are judged, because if this also applies there, then alphaing Machs have Brennan contesting wrong this whole time.

Could you please describe what happened in OP’s example?

Sure. Another player comes in and attacks the NPC, getting it down pretty low but not killing it. They leave or log off or their baby pulls their internet cable out of the wall and they get disconnected. OP comes along and finishes off the NPC, but does less damage than the first player. Wreck ownership then gets assigned to the first player, not the OP, since they did more damage to the NPC.