Tracking Cargo Container or Wrack Kill possible?

Hello, simple question.

Can you trace who shot down a cargo container or wreck?

Afaik you can only find out the “who” if it something that generated a killmail. I may well be wrong but without a killmail or wreckage (which ofc would not be there if the wreckage is what was destroyed) then I don’t believe you can.


Very good! This opens up new possibilities. Assuming a large fleet makes an event and I shoot the wreck with several B ISK on loot, can nobody say that I did it? :wink:

PS: Apart from the possible suspect flag, this is clear

Lol! Yeah, pretty much. But do keep in mind that some things do generate killmails such as MTUs and ofc things like mobile depots have reinforcement periods, and some of the cargo containers have a ridiculously high level of HP to get through. I’m not certain but I think the “giant secure” has something daft like 500k HP and that may well take a bit of time.

But yeah, a lot of them can not be traced to who destroyed them once they are :slight_smile:

Wonderful! I was particularly interested in the wrecks and the simple cargo. Thank you!
Pew pew can begin :gun: :gun: :gun:

PS: Oh, ok, just found how much Hp the wrecks have. I’ll have to think about that.

The current planned numbers are:

Frigate, Rookie Ship, Shuttle, Small NPC: 700 hp
Destroyer: 1000 hp
Cruiser, Mining Barge, Medium NPC, Generic NPC: 1500 hp
Battlecruiser, Industrial: 2500 hp
Battleship, Large NPC, Officer NPC: 3500 hp
Carrier, Dread, Rorqual, Orca, Freighter: 15000 hp
Supercarrier, NPC Supercarrier: 25000 hp
Titan: 30000 hp

this question reminds me of the time our FC accidentally broadcast the wreck of a 3bil isk kill that dropped pretty much all the loot. We volley’d the loot off the field like good minions do.


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