A question about the destruction of Fort Knocks

What is with all the un-fitted tier 3 BCs lossmails of players who for the most part have long since left the game? someone brought my attention to the fact I lost a Tornado in the carnage (I’ve not played since 2015) and noticed a lot of former corp mates, acquaintances and alts are also there - some of them I know for a fact (or as close as) have never owned those ships and I don’t recall ever having a Tornado on this character in a contract, etc. or in a situation someone might have scooped it - I didn’t like them much and the ones I used for roams were then used for highsec suicide ganks - I noticed on my characters ~2 days before the destruction there is a notification from DED of the ships being delivered to a Hard Knocks keepstar.

Slightly puzzling.

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Not sure it helps, but there’s some trick one can use to deliver (?) items/ships to another player by using that delivery box CCP implemented because of courier scams. I remember someone from reddit filling up CCP Falcon’s killboard that way.

Maybe it’s that?


Guess it must be something like that seems a bit of an odd one. Thanks.


Almost. It’s the citadel internal item delivery system. You can deliver items inside a citadel to any person you want via Right click -> Deliver To. That way, the guys in the citadel mass delivered items to all sorts of people, which subsequently got thrown into space after the Keepstar died. Then INIT destroyed all these ships and created killmail havoc on certain people’s killboards.


That’s non-gamebreakingly hilarious! :smiley:

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I think I actually delivered that to you for meme value.

There is a game mechanic in wormholes. You can deliver ships to any other pilot in the game. Once the structure timer is up it becomes impossible to trash ships. When the citadel dies, all the contents shoot out in cans. Any ships can be ejected from these cans and killed for a killmail.

Doomchinchilla (who is famously protective of his killboard) had about 50 shuttles delivered to him.

We also delivered hundreds of 3200 cap boosters in singles to random dudes. This meant that the attackers had to open up hundreds of cans with just a single cap booster. We just thought that was funny.

Yeah got confirmation.

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Wow, forging / changing Kill Board stats of other players who aren’t even logged into the game.

Now that definitely takes the Meta game to whole new level.


Didn’t I read a while back that there are still ships owned by Vilerat turning up on kills/losses?

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