And the citadel killlboard padding happens again

it’s happening again.

you can have a lot of fun in eve, then you piss off one person and he uses an unintended feature to ■■■■ your killboard.

wich feature?

  1. anchor a citadel in wh
  2. put ships in
  3. make deliveries to victims
  4. unanchor citadel, since it’s in wh ships get floating around
  5. go kill them all with a bomber

now, adding a way to deny deliveries would be a solution to this kind of harrassment that is getting way too popular since citadels in wh are a thing.

Are most people important enough for wormholers to give enough of ashit about you to do this?

If you are, it’d be taken as a compliment that someone would go through so much effort.
If you’re not, then it doesn’t matter.

Also, zkillboard is a 3rd party site that doesn’t even track all of the kills, just ones uploaded to it. Who cares about what stats it shows?


I’m lost here. The guy contracted you the shuttles and you don’t have to accept them?

Not a contract, direct delivery.
Those go through automatically and end up in “your” delivery hangar.

So when the structure is unanchored/popped they come out as “your” ships, which they kill to make your killboard look bad or something (implying people care about killboard stats).


I don’t think anybody has ever put something in my direct delivery hangar. Maybe I should check… Is that you, Santa Claus?

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Stop obsessing over meaningless killboard stats, problem solved.


seems like a lot of effort tbvh.
Honestly though, someone went to a lot of effort to do this… have you tried not being such a dick? might help :wink:

:red_circle: It is not a lot of effort. It is a replaceable, cheap citadel and a few hundred cheap ships. It is also not only about Zkill or any other killboard, it is also about the ingame notification spam.

I wonder how much I would have to pay this guy to bombard Merin’s notifications on a daily basis. If it is only cheap T1 frigs or even only shuttles, it cannot be that much. That could be a nice business opportunity. And I wonder how long it would take for CCP to dish out bans because of that.

Cry some more, please. Because this is totally not the response this citadel guy wants or expects.

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Lol, I think this is hilarious.

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Hey, free insurance money! Nifty!

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Clearly you do not understand citadels or wormholes, first… you have to anchor one… thats a timer and it could get shot and killed… then there’s the scanning and hauling… 5k shuttles still weighs quite a lot… then you have to unanchor, wait a few days… and risk losing a citadel… but yeh sure; a week + of probing, waiting, hauling and defending… no, not much effort at all…

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The more you complain about this, the more it will happen. It’s obviously not a priority to fix.

Many thanks for this good idea. With an effort of about 9.5 days you can mess up a KB for someone.

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I think this is an elaborate scheme to sell all his shuttles

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I’m still constantly surprised to see people caring about made up stats on some 3rd party service.

In a game where the saying goes “if it’s a fair fight, you’ve messed up” and people are encouraged to gang up and use any method they can to gain an advantage, why do people think that a killboard matters?

There’s no mmr, there’s no ranking, there’s no end of season rewards.

Just use the killboard to record some fun fights and use them to share great stories about epic fights and ■■■■. “hey check out this kill, let me tell you how I managed to bait this guy from a wormhole” or “hey, remember that huge capital fight? Here’s how I participated in it!”

Don’t use it as if it matters for some kind of prestige. People who put so much value on arbitrary points on a third party website don’t make sense to me.


wrong, on KB is ranking, efficiency in % and Lost/Destroyed in ISK.

He means in game. Kb is not official by ccp and a part of the game. 3rd party service as scoots mentioned.

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Does it then make a difference merely where it is? ingame or on a third party site? What a two-page view. Either ranking is good or it isn’t, no matter where it is, because it’s there for everyone.

Just because something’s not ingame doesn’t mean it’s crap.

For a game where you can pad your stats with alts and abusing events like the 100% drop event to farm multiple billion isk kills over and over? Yeah, it’s pretty trash and meaningless.

Current number one all time ranker:

Here’s how he did it:

You still think it matters?