Deliveries must be accepted

Some day in EVE you’ll piss someone off.
let’s say he’s going to anchor a citadel in wormhole, stuff it with cheap ships (shuttles?) and unanchor the citadel.
then just before removing citadel from wh-space he contracts you all the gozzillions shuttles and retrieves the citadel.

you get loads of shuttles floating in space. all yours. And you don’t even know, cause you’re at dinner, or doing something in real life.

then the guys fires a bomb or two , and gets 1000 kill mails. You get 1000 kill losses. And you could not do a thing about it.

all because you don’t have control on citadel deliveries in wh-space… It’s like an exploit to me, and believe me, people is doing this, distrupting killboards all around.

Quick solution: deliveries can be setted as “auto reject” or “require to be accepted” or simply deliveries does not work in wh- space.

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Faster solution, stop caring about your killboard status.




If you don’t accept the contract, because you are at dinner, they are not your ships.

I find it hilarious that someone apparently decided that you suck so badly that they felt the need to devote thousands of shuttles and a citadel to making your killboard look bad.

It’s not a contract, it’s the Deliver To feature in structures.

It’s also not necessarily about the killboard, it’s about the notification spam when it happens or when you log in. Another issue is the drowning of other, actually relevant killmails in your Interactions tab or the corp kills that you maybe want to find but they are now dozens of pages back and you cannot search for them because of good CCP coding.

And yet another issue with this is that it makes checking the killboard for certain ships awfully tedious. The second last killmail spam involved thousands of Blackbirds. I regularly check the killboard for ganker scanner Blackbirds in high sec to add them as contacts for my chars. After this I had to sift though nearly 40 pages of worthless kills to find actually relevant Blackbird kills again from. Imicuses are the same now. This time it was hundreds of Sigils. Unfitted and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If I want to look for specific Sigil fittings (the entosis tank fitting mostly) I have to sift though dozens of pages to find one.

You also do not lose a structure, they just unanchor it.

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And then you whine about how it’s harder to use killboards to gather intel.

In this particular case, they actually do end up being owned by the OP without his consent. It’s not a contract, it’s the asset safety system on a structure, but the structure is unanchored in WH space so the assets just get dumped there as posessions of the OP.

As to the OP’s proposal, I’m torn on this. He has a point, but is making that change worth potentially mucking up how asset safety is supposed to work? I have no strong feeling either way.

EDIT: Okay, so I just realized that someone apparently went so far as to make a dedicated character and corporation specifically to do this whole “mass addition of shuttle lossmails to your killboard” bit. If this player is smart, he’s getting paid to do this by someone who wants to trash the killboards of other players. That’s kinda brilliant.

-1 in support of contract entrepreneurs of New Eden. :smiling_imp:

And so the fix is as always, Remove Asset Safety :rofl:

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Beyond the scope of this topic I think, but…maybe…

CCP added the option to choose whether or not to receive transfers of structures (due to wardec revamp). Perhaps they could extend a similar flag option to individual transfers in Upwell structures. The ‘fix’ seems easy enough.

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I’d be extremely amused if someone did this to me.

Lighten up.

Imagine it, it would be GLORIUS! :skull_and_crossbones:

At the moment of destruction fleets would disintegrate into a looting and killing frenzy!! :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Every Goon structure would become “content” :wink:

This isn’t really a function of asset safety, it’s a function of NOT having asset safety in wormholes.

It doesn’t use contracts, it uses the in-citadel “delivery” function. Unlike contracts, this instantly transfers ownership of assets (they go into a delivery hangar).

Since wormholes don’t have asset safety, the items, now owned by the player to whom they were delivered, drop into space when the structure is unanchored.

Yes I know I am off topic!

As someone who made the bulk of their fortune long ago by popping offline research POSes in far, forgotten corners of Empire space and absconding with the goodies that dropped, that notion definitely has a certain appeal to me.

It would also severely stifle nullsec because space holders would never want to keep substantial assets in their stations.

Upwell structures are not meant to be POSes. They are something…different. So the same rules shouldn’t necessarily apply.

But, to your point, it would be glorious. At least briefly. Those loot pinatas would quickly dry up.

There’s no asset safety in WHs. If there was this problem wouldn’t exist. I’m not sure adding it is the correct solution though.

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