How about an option to Disallow ship delivery to structures?

Can’t help but feel sorry for the ones who have fallen victim to such shenanigans…

As a way of preventing someone from randomly deciding to nuke your killboard stats when their structure is about to be destroyed, perhaps CCP could add an option to DISALLOW the delivery of ships to your characters’ hangars in structures which are able to be destroyed.

Part of using POSes (your own or that of others) is risk. The risks are fairly obvious, and I don’t think it should be the POS owner’s business to mitigate that risk for those who use the POS.

I will say this much, however: I do think it would be nice for everyone with assets (or at least offices) in a POS to be notified when a POS is under attack (or at least has a defensive layer broken). At the very least I feel this should be done for w-space where 1. there is no asset safety and 2. the invulnerability periods are substantially shorter than k-space. It kind of sucks to wake up one day and find a gazillion killmails because all your assets in some POS in w-space got blown to shreds when you didn’t even know it was being attacked in the first place.

I know that commentary isn’t directly related to what you propose but I do feel it would help prevent a similar sense of victimization regarding loss of assets and POS destruction.

This isn’t about choosing to use WH space structures, this is about someone else who does choosing to deliver a ton of vessels to someone who may or may not have ever even been in a wormhole, unanchor that structure so they all get jettisoned to space under your ownership and them bomb them to oblivion for the killboard padding.

I see it in proper context now; I appreciate your explanation, and agree with your recommendation.

Yeah eve has the worst psychos of all don’t ?

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