Destroyed Structures should provide personal asset losses via killmails to players with Assets aboard

Pretty simple concept, and one I’m considerably surprised isn’t part of the game already; destroyed Structures should provide Capsuleers a breakdown on what was lost aboard a station when it was taken down. As it stands, we already receive asset safety notifications from stations, but failing that, it would be a profound improvement to know what was lost.

Most of the time, this isn’t a thing, because those items go to asset safety.

Where a structure is abandoned or in wormhole space, ejected ships that are destroyed will get killmails. My understanding is that when a structure dies without asset safety, all of the stuff that was in it gets ejected, so it wasn’t actually destroyed - it’s usually only destroyed if the cans aren’t collected or they’re shot. Just not sure how they could implement this using existing systems.

As unlikely as it is, it still happens. For example, recently, I wasn’t able to log into the game because I was on vacation, and a structure I had some assets in went into the abandoned state and popped at best speed. I could tell you maybe one ore two items that were onboard the station but I couldn’t even guess if there was 1 veldspar or 1 billion veldspar.

Though I suppose it is true that the assets aren’t destroyed, per se, they are definitely lost and it would make sense for it to be categorized as such. Unless by some miracle and with bizarre circumstance manage to take your own items out of the dropped hangar.

As far as the challenge of actually coding it, I’ll readily admit that’s a concern that’s far outside my ken. It would just be really helpful to know what was lost when you have a (potentially massive) loss of assets like that. At some point you accrue enough ships, modules and etc. that recollecting if you left some rogue BPC in a structure when it popped is sometimes impossible.

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