List of lost assets in abandoned structure

Hello Everyone o7,

I have been absent in a game for an extended period of time and apparently had left some of my assets in a player structure that got abandoned and destroyed over time (it seems it was after the update that made assets in such structures go poof together with it).

I was wondering if there is maybe a way to see the list of what was destroyed? I vaguely remember I had a freighter there which is now missing, so I suspect it was there.

I have checked the kill reports etc but they only mention the structure and modules themselves. Items are not in the safety storage either.

Do they include Corvettes in that list too? I like to place them in every station I visit.

From a third party perspective, I believe the answer is no.

After observing the outcomes of several dozen structure kills, the actual loot drop can range from zero to many times the stated value of the loss on the kill board. The problem for me, as a scavenger, is there is no way to tell in advance if it is worth turning up or not.

Loot drops can include ships, both floating in space and held in containers, but unless someone shoots them (which does happen) they do not appear as a kill. In addition, if anyone boards and then self-destructs these ships eg to claim the insurance payout, they do not appear as a kill either.

From a first person perspective, I just don’t know if there is any other way fro you to see your personal losses. There have been accounts from structure bashers of freighters dropping, so it is entirely possible.

No, corvettes are typically not in the kill reports but they are hugely useful when it comes to scanning down the sites of wrecked structures. I suspect there may well be quite some value still floating out there simply because there is no way for me to scan down jettisoned hangar containers without small ships to find…

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Not that I am aware of. No killmails or other notifications of the lost items are sent, however you should have a general notification in your communication tab under ‘structures’ telling you they are at risk like this:

If you have that, and you think it likely your stuff was there, it probably is gone and I don’t think anything short of a ticket to the GM will be able to get you a list of the items.

But if it has been a long time, it is also possible the items were just sent to regular asset safety at some point when the station was exploded or decommissioned. Check the ‘Safety’ tab under personal assets to see if you they were moved for you.


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