Abandoned player structure and assets safety mechanic

So I was gone for 2 months. I am stupid enough to not move my 3 bil investments to NPC structure. When I came back yesterday, everything was gone due to the player structure I stored got abandoned and possibly destroyed. This mechanic might hurt a lot of returning player as they log in and have to know some or all of their assets are gone. EVE is such a complex game and stressful sometimes, and a lot of player take a break. There was no way to know this gonna happen without logging in. Please rework this mechanic or at least send email or notification on EVE portal app to warn players. I got no warning expect for in-game mail that I have to log in to read. I know you devs are working on a lot of problems but implementing a heads up for players hard earned assets about to lose might be easy and worth it.

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Asset safety has been a thing for several years now. Never store anything of value in a player-owned structure. Lesson learned…


JEve Assests says I still have those implants in small standard container. Does that mean It’s in one of my ship stomach? I can’t wait to go home now lol.

Asset Safety sends stuff to certain specific sites. Be careful when collecting the stuff as a lot of people know which specific sites and hang about waiting.

Yes you may have goods inside of ships. I often love finding treasure of stuff I left in ships months ago.

As to your OP this change affected many. I personally lost my incursion vindicator when I was gone and I was about a week late coming back. But I look at the insane stories of t2 BPOs dropping. Trillions of ISK redistributed back into circulation and not sitting in some old person’s hanger for years IF they come back.

The best CCP did was sent out emails about the mechanic change. Sorry you lost your stuff. Good luck on rebuilding! I still think after all the pain the change is a net positive. I have a feeling this thread might turn into a debate over this mechanic… Maybe…


Or in npc station that can be moved to separate space by event.

Basicly dont store anything ever

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Yes, don’t own assets… in a game that revolves around assets. :laughing: Or not play EVE if someone is worried about assets being taken away. People who fought the triglavans and saved as many systems from their grasp defended their assets in NPC stations. I saved many critical systems with icebelts and so on. It was a rough war. We couldn’t save everything vs the gankers/NS groups and anyone else who wanted to see new eden burn.

So I suggest the next huge war that comes that risks NPC stations AND citidels is to take up arms and defend your assets. Strange concept it seems to many. They just wanna horde their assets and grind the pixels mindlessly… When something game changing, or fun comes around like the war people cry they lost the system.

The triglavan war brought the best out of people when HS was threatened. The entire incursion community went down to Niarja (mind the spelling) to attempt and save it. I wish there was more of this stuff in EVE. I am optimistic.

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Alot of players who took a break from the game got burned by CCP.

Never trust CCP.

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