Question Regarding Abandoned Structures

I’ve been playing on and off. Seeing the changes to structures I wasn’t really concerned about my unused factory being blapped.

However, I noticed a few extra kill mails of my friends alts (not logged in for a year or so). When an abandoned structure explodes, does it eject all the docked ships of offline players?


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Indeed, there’s an article on PCgamer that confirms all of the things drop; someone drew a trump card and looted a load of T2 BPOs from a Raitaru the other day.


I’m not worried about items dropping. I was just confused to see unlogged players blown up. I didn’t realize it would eject the player while offline in their ship.

Sorry to clarify, players are not in their ships (I’ve never seen one yet) but the ship there were in is…I think…

Point being, maybe only capsules are saved and when they log in next they’ll be floating where the station used to be. Sorry for my lack of clarity here…


Yeah I had an alt in a MWD condor. His POD was in station when I opened him up. So it looks like the docked ship is ejected, he was killed and it registers as a KM and then his POD was transported to the nearest station.

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If you are logged off in a station in a ship, that ship is safe when it blows up.All the other ships will drop as loot. The last person who sat in the ship will be marked as the “owner” and they will get a killmail about it when the ship is destroyed.


A 4 trillion isk drop?!


The funny thing is remembering the UO house drop days, the guy probably looted a bunch of stuff and didn’t even know what he had until later. Group looting can be pretty chaoitic :slight_smile:

Offline capsules have been ejected from destroyed abandoned structures. This is confirmed.

I have yet to see a single capsule…odd

Was in a cargo can too, ejected as loot.

Really odd…10 stations and not a single capsule and that’s emptying every can too. What are the odds…

You sure that wasn’t one of the rare cargo item capsules instead.

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So no people don’t drop… pods do. The pods I saw drop however belonged to people that was in doomheim.

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