Missing 2/3 citadel kills because im not on the hull timer

Why does only the hull timer count? Its not really rewarding if your on the wrong timer most of the time (overal im missing about 2/3). It should be really easy and not so resource intensive to cache and combine the players on the kill report once the structure is out.

You’re only counted on a killmail if you hit the target within 15 minutes of it ceasing to be a ship. That’s just how the server handles things.


Its really unrewarding like this though

Try being a logi pilot… :wink:


The reward is blowing up the enemy structure overall right?
Not epeen measuring via kb status surely?


It can sure be argued that killboards should not exist, or that only vain people look at theirs.

Since they do exist though, it would be nice if they counted contributions as accurately as possible.

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So it’ll be more rewarding if I shoot every single structure just once, then 4 months later someone with a huge fleet comes and takes it down and my name shows up on the killboard?


Whats more accurate than “If you weren’t shooting it within 15 minutes of it exploding why do you deserve the credit for someone elses work”

Stop missing hull timers, simples :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont think you haver to see it working that way

Really? because when i shoot it just once, just once, before it dies, i get on the killmail.

Since the timer is weeks away, and youre wanting to be on the killmail after only shooting at the sheilds, or armor timers, then it would make sense that i would be able to shoot it once, at sheilds, then 4-5 months later, some large fleet spends a month taking it down and im on the killmail.

No, it is not.

The solution to this is to stop having citadel timers. It’s like watching windows update, you really shouldn’t be trying to make that fun. Just get rid of it.


So you log off and log back on the next morning to all your stuff blown up? That’s sure to keep people in the game building stuff…

When that happens, you would be killed by players in a different time zone and basically become screwed, having no recourse to defend your station. which is even more stupid than the current model.


I’m ok with your stuff being destroyed.

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People are asking a lot of the EVE server: the database people would hate the bloat.

I think they would overfix it. A structure is just a ship that doesn’t move; a year-old low or null-sec “station games” battleship, finally lost in an “honorable 1v1” (or “oops” moment) might show 100 pilots on the KM.

Aww, thanks! I’m okay with someone desecrating your naked frozen corpse in their hangar bay, too!

The Zarm has slots for a whoregun :wink:

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