Kill Participation Issue

Greetings CCP,

We as your loyal and biggest fans, would like to wonder, why nothing has been done to remedy the issue of being present in a fight in one system, but not being able to carry that over when the fight eventually fizzles down in the next system?

I know that a ton of people who are active in the PVP scene would be screaming the same thing because of just how silly the whole “aggro” on gate, enemy jumps (You lose out). It would be a fantastic quality of life improvement that would make people feel as if they are contributing more, and they can see the stats of their aid.

So, what I would propose is a 5 jump radius that any fighting takes place in, and if you pull a timer on yourself, fear not, if they die within 5 jumps, you get to have yourself on the kill mail.

Thank you and I hope to see this implemented sooner rather than later. o7


Or just stop caring about killmails. EVE would be a better place if killmails and killboards ceased to exist.


CCP openly said in support ticket conversations that killmail generation is a secondary feature and has no claim to be complete, reliable or always available. Be happy that you get on mails at all. I know instance where I absolutely tackled a thing, watched it die and did not end up on the mail.

Can’t support this enough.


I sit on gird cloaked alot so as not to get headshot. I dont get alot of KMs for this, i do get respect from my fleet mates for FCing and being successful and that is worth more then any KM. Also to many people “cheat” to get killmails. When CCP had bot titans get moved to high sec and everyone killed them, those KMs are worthless imo even though many players now brag that they killed a titan because of it.

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I guess just go solo killing and secure that KM! I just think it’s silly though that if you are fighting one jump gate removes you from that kill or not. Oh well. Back to making my small fortune.

No, go away.

I disagree. Showing off your success is a big part of games. Even Tetris an Pacman had a score, this is exactly the same. The difference is that EVE is a complex game and kills isn’t the only thing that should count as success. So we need more of this leaderboards for different activities and not less.

It’s a game after all. I think the people who want to get rid of those boards forget that.

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I generally agree but must point-out that in a sandbox, there are many ways to measure success which makes KBs mostly pointless. So, by only having the KBs as the main way to measure ones success, it really skews things. I’d love to see more metrics displayed by CCP like in that year end video thingie they sent out.


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