Solo Killmails that aren't Solo killmails

CCP, can we get a change to solo killmails that aren’t actually solo killmails?

This means situations where a single ship is doing damage to you, but that ship is being repped by another ship or ships. That’s not a solo kill and it should be reflected on the Killmail. Otherwise, it’s just another method of killboard padding.

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CCPlease Logikills! :slight_smile:

And what about boost?

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There is an easy solution: stop caring about killboards.


That’s like telling a Football coach to stop caring about the scoreboard when he points out that the other team has a 12th man on the field.

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If it’s not on the killboard, did it even happen? I think not.

An opposite problem with killmails is that you don’t get a solo kill if the victim got some damage from an npc. Imho when I gank a ratter alone that’s a solo kill. And sometimes it was even just a small rat at a gate or something.

The funniest part is that I’m pretty sure that those Logi players actually would want to be on the killmail.


Who cares about killboard padding?
Logi on killmails is another issue, but padding is meaningless.


No it isn’t, because killboards can always be padded and gamed …
… and football handegg** has actual real life value, while your killboard doesn’t.

Killboards only have perceived values, because teenagers and insecure losers have nothing else to be proud of in their life.

**(unless you mean actual football, sometimes wrongly called Soccer)


Does anyone else remember CCP mentioning that this was coming … last year?

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No it doesn’t, both are just games, and one happening on a computer change nothing to that.

Yeah, pretty much exactly like any football match result.

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I see, you too are a man of intelligence and wit, just like TigerShark.

Yeah mate, tell that to the millions of people putting money into it …
… and to the players and all the other people involved who make money from it.

Oh, wait, you’re saying they’re not.
No real world value at all, it’s just fantasy, like killboards!

As you stated, the value is what you make of it, and most folks who actively go for Solo PvP kills value their Solo record due to the level of effort it takes to get them, most of the time.

I value most anything that I put an honest effort into, as I feel anyone should. If what you are doing holds no value to you, then what’s the point in doing it?

Also, I’m not sure if you meant to imply that I am an “insecure loser” who has “nothing else to be proud of,” but I’m quite proud of my accomplishments in life. As well as some of my failures.

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Yeah and there is obviously nobody making money from the video game industry, right?

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We’re comparing Apples to Oranges, here.

If you kill a Ratter, for all intents and purposes, that is a legit Solo Kill as you weren’t aided in the kill, in any way, by a fellow player.

And it very well did happen lol I was on the receiving end of it. Hence why the Killmail should reflect it.

I can’t believe CCP isn’t doing a better job of making third party websites assign the labels OP wants them to assign.


That’s great, but a killboard is not required for that.
A killboard is meant to be seen by others.

You can’t just ignore that. A killboard isn’t just for you. If it was just for you then you would just brush that loss off.
No, a killboard is seen by others too, and when it’s “tarnished” then it bothers you, because others will be seeing it.

Something something about self-confidence you don’t realize in yourself,
thus try to find in others by showing off your abilities. Sounds very teenagery to me.

If you solely cared about your personal achievements, then you’d not be giving a ■■■■ about your killboard. That’s not what you’re doing, though. You’d be proud of yourself all by yourself and you would not feel like there’s an issue with people using alts to gain kills which look like they’re done solo.

You know how the situation happened and that should be all that matters to you!
As long as you’re telling the truth, anyone not believing you should just ■■■■ right off because they’re assholes!

I can respect you for the fact that you’re working for something and that you’re trying hard to achieve it.
That I really do. Still, a killboard does not represent you. Only you represent yourself.

I can understand that you might believe there is no better way of “showing off” in regards to solo ship combat …
… and I totally agree with you that “solo” does not equal “me and my alts” …
… but you should try a better approach, because - in the long run - you’re going to be unhappy about it.

Please understand that …
… while it’s respectable to shoot others …
… it’s not quite as respectable to believe that’s any sort of achievement.

It really isn’t.

Your solo kills are dime a dozen, hundred times over and done by hundreds of others …
… and your killboard will always be ruined by people using alts for helping.

You don’t come across as an insecure loser at all …
… so I guess you must be a teenager …
… who hasn’t yet fully figured out where his self-esteem truly comes from.

(PS: just take the compliment)
(PPS: killboards don’t get you laid)
(PPPS: try something more original and unique, than having a killboard no one will remember anyway)

speak for yourself :wink:


Except it has nothing to do with any third party website, it has to do with how Logi is (or rather isn’t) taken into account in the game generated killmails.

Nice try being a smartass, you only missed the “smart” part of it.


Highly autistic response to some piss taking, guess you fit right in.

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Ah yeah, pointing out facts is “autistic”. An other very valuable input on the EvE forum today.