Only post in this thread if you have more then 10k kills

(Longdrinks) #1

Feels pretty good :^)

(Suitonia) #2

the only gf that I want is a good fight :^)

(Longdrinks) #3

Excited about getting a new ship to farm easy kills with after they nerf orthrus. New cloaky tech3s looks nice.

(Tux Edos) #4

I don’t have 10k kills but I’m 3 posts away from being able to post gifs

(Longdrinks) #5

You should get out there and work on your killboard then :wink:

(Suitonia) #6

Please add ELO to killboards and forums

(Intigo) #7

rip battleclinic ranks

sad days

(Amantus) #8

more then


(Longdrinks) #9

Good grammar is not required to get lotsa kills

(Amantus) #10

good spelling and grammar is essential to success in eve online, young @Longdrinks

(Miyamoto Uroki) #11

how does this work?.. posting for the gud fite

(Zoe Fishpants) #12

My OCD has finally qualified me for something other than scorn and derision. Yay. Can be cured now please?

(ER0X) #13

Other than offering the opportunity to calculate one or two bits and bobs in large fleet encounters personal killboard stats mean very little.

(Mizhir) #14

I don’t have 10k kills. I am gonna post here anyways. :dealwithitparrot:

(Longdrinks) #15

sounds like something a guy with only 564 kills would say @ER0X

We can all focus on small ways to get better ingame and irl, the important thing is that you have identified your deficiencies and have a plan for bettering yourself @Mizhir

(Linus Gorp) #16

Killboards are for whimps.
I’m far in excess on 10k kills across all my chars and also have over 17k corpses in my possession. That’s a far bigger epeen than some arbitrary killboard will ever be :sunglasses:

(Longdrinks) #17

Yet you feel the need to post in the 10k kills cool bois club. Sort yourself out m8

(Linus Gorp) #18

Never not forum shitposting. And since I have those 10k kills, I’m well within my right of posting here!

(Longdrinks) #19

Actually you have one thousand and fifty six kills. Maybe join test or some other big alliance in a target rich environment if you want supercharge that killboard.

(ER0X) #20

Its a good job we’ve got you here to keep us right @longdrinks. :grin:

Not that I’m justifying myself or anything like that but that particular KB’s stats only go as far back as Dec 07’ friend. I’ve been playing for a lot longer than that and have whole lot more kills than what that KB shows and that’s just on this family member alone thats not even begining to touch on a time where certain structure ect didn’t generate kill mails, again, not that it really matters but in an objective driven modern Eve Universe I’ll settle for a +90% efficiency ratio. ching ching :sunglasses: